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When i was pregnant last time i remember seeing a belt thing that u attached to ur jeans, so u got to wear ur own jeans for longer. Does anyone know what its called and where i can get one??

My jeans are starting to get a bit tight and as i no this is my last i dont wanna spend much money on maternity clothes
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I know New Look do maternity 'bands' which are stirps of fabric to cover your jeans waist line - so you can leave them undone I believe and your t-shirt.
I haven't tried one though so not sure if it is what you need.

I empathise on the jeans front though.. I wore my jeans for a night out with college (end of term) a while back, used a hair band from the button hole to the button - it worked for that one night.. went to put them on the other day (for a party I was taking the girls too and wanted to wear jeans not track bottoms).. well they wouldn't go anywhere near!! :( :p I officially have a bump! lol
same here! I coul still get on most of my trousers still fairly comfortably if I arranged waistband under bump...but no more! bump has expanded in a big way over the last 10 days & is much higher now, right under my boobs. Going back to what to wear, has anyone heard of the belly bra? from what I have heard its like a long elasticated top which you are supposed to be able to where over undone trousers and they keep em up! so it covers bump and holds trousers/jeans in place....don't know, will need to go look into it some more. The elasticated button expanders are sold on amazon, cant remember what they are called, sorry cant be much more help!
ah, it's called a belly belt and i just ordered one from amazon for £10.99, it has good reviews. Also got a belly bra and a couple of baby's first books. damb! it's so easy to buy stuff of amazon!

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Loves weight.. training!
((hugs)) you and me both Angie! lol my bump - top half - is myself pushed up as I say.. and the bottom half is pushing up more! lol I can feel baby above my naval slightly (only just) now, so know things are on the 'move' lol I have kept saying 'I didn't show till 5 months with Erin' and I didn't.. but 2nd time around for me is very very different - I look REALLY pregnant already and am carrying out front this time. Which has it's benefits I guess that people know i'm pregnant not fat! lol

Am off to look at maternity jeans after my scan.. not sure I can LIVE for much longer without them! lol DH did laugh when I said that. :) He knows what I'm like!
damn i was in new look on monday but only quickly glanced at d maternity stuff.

It was like a big bit of stretcy material that attached to the buttons and covered the front like they do with maternity jeans. Think ill pop back to new look then
its a belly belt i mean lol just did a question on google n found it.

Its a shame too cause a woman near me was freecycling loads of siz3 16 maternity clothes from next n othther places but they would be to small for me :(
Hey i wouldnt go worrying no 2 bumps are ever the same. yesterday in my jeans i looked massive. today ive got my combats on and it doesnt look so big. lol ive still hardly told anyone yet, so dread bumpin into ppl n them askin b4 i get the chance to tell everyone lol beter get a move on as i think d next big growth spurt is about 20 weeks
I no i really should get a move on.

I didnt fone about d scan cause i only had my 12 week scan last week, or d week b4. so i take it this one will be late too. Gonna get a private one done about that time anyway so i can find out the sex. So either way i will get one done.

How u feeling now? We went for a long walk down to the water n d wean was fishing. well i say wean the wean couldnt get a shot of the rod for daddy!!! Felt so unfit on d way back to the car. it was all uphill and i really struggled. just feel so unfit since ive been pregnant. god help me when im at term if im this bad just now. Didnt help we had 5 fences to climb. so wont be back on that walk again til d baba is here n OH can just get a sling.
Hiya i think i read somewhere to eafter o have put on 5lbs by now. Id imagine tho after being on cd it may go on quicker than had u been eating normally. But i really wouldnt worry about it. Uve lost it b4 so no u can do it again. Just enjoy being pregnant xx

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Loves weight.. training!
Kirsty, can I honestly girl to girl say try not to worry about your weight too much. Honestly, you are PREGNANT and now is NOT the time to be stressing over anything. ((hugs))
You CAN sort your weight after, we all know how and what we have to do. ((hugs))
I've gained another few lbs in the last 2 weeks, after a stall for a while, but am also eating badly, and I know I am.
It's natural to gain weight while pregnant - it doesn't have to happen if we diet, but if our head isn't in the 'right place' to diet then I don't think there is any point beating ourselves up and regretting it - we should after all be enjoying our pregnancy and our bumps.

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