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Recovering Foodaholic
Yikes, since my holiday (and birthday really) I just can't get back to 100% ssing. I keep picking, yes at essentially low carb, high protein- chicken mostly...but a few bits of corned beef and cheese have snuck in as my stupid head has learned that they don't kick me out of ketosis. Yet I know that they will slow down my loss and it's becoming infuriating! Been shopping with OH and came home with rotissery chicken and only blinking half is left over!

I made an 'SS+' meal today just because. I don't want to go to SS+ as food is where my problems start- I'm always pushing the boundary!

Anyway, I just want to get back to SS 100%- the water's fine, just the nibbling- well eating, quite honestly.

I'm on summer hols at the mo so I'm hoping I'll refocus when I get back to work, but Geez!!!!! How do I curb this now?
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Hey hon, it's a tough one. I would say think are you happy to lose at a slower rate and pick/eat or is it more important to get the weight off as soon as possible. If it's the latter maybe think about why and make a list and when you want to pick look at it and hopefully that will motivate you to stick at SS.

Hope this helps!!! xx
All I can say is, just don't eat. I've been struggling this week and picked at stuff. Then I realised it's stupid. I either eat or don't. I've gone to bed hungry and angry and mentally fighting with myself not to eat.
But when I wake up I'm glad I didn't.

I wanted to eat some of my boyfriends lamb chops today. I don't even like lamb!!! When you go to pick at something, just think about it a bit more. If you decide you really want to have whatever it is then have it. But don't feel guilty because you choose to eat it. If you feel guilty then remember that next time and don't eat.

I know it's not easy but you really have to think harder whenever you want to pick at stuff. It's killing us all to do it but the end result is worth it.

I hope you get back on track soon. Best of luck with it.


Recovering Foodaholic
Woot! Thanks, Jim that's just what I need! There's still a couple of drumsticks in there singing their siren song...'eat me...eat me..'

Buggered if I'm gonna though. Found my grit today, had a kick up the arse and am off to make a tasty shake, chicken-free....

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