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Hi Maureen
Well done on 19lb loss - that's fantastic! Get back on the wagon straight away and try really hard to stick at it if you can. Remember that the T in TFR stands for TOTAL!!

Good luck


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oh sweetie, i really dont know i guess if you check in the morning cos thats when youll be darkest on the that you slipped up you know its not worth it, i hope you can get back on track. the best thing to do is just to continue on like nothing happened. dont stop now!!..*hugs* you can do it! x


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Thank you dunlop & bells... Knew rightly what i was doing! But told myself that the atkins is same as this so had nuts which are allowed on that?? In fairness not to discourage anyone with whwt i did, yes lt is amazing, lost 3stone 2lbs in 12 weeks, kept it off after refeeding properly... But never got to goal. I lost next 1.5stone walking 4-5mile day round lake where i live.. So past 4mths been binging then back on them for a few weeks.. So this is my last go at it, ive done 4weeks now lost 19lb, have 1 week left of shakes to do... Guess cos im near the end ive cheated... Bad move.. Not worth it, back on 3 shakes 2day, will test again in morning.. Start weight 99.9kg height 5ft 8" today 78kg.. Il keep trying, sorry for rant xx


5 stone to go!
dont worry thats what this place is for...ranting and bantering lol! its better you get it all out here than take it out on yourself and give in again. look at that look at how well youve done so far, youll be there in no time! food is on its way just not yet!! keep it up sweetie..x


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Hi don't panic, you made a mistake and knew straight away, i know nuts have carbs and sugars in them but don't know if the amount you ate will bring you out of ketosis.
Just carry on as normal, it's done now and i'm sure you won't be doing it again. We are all human don't beat yourself up about it!


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Of course you havent ruined it. Just get back on the wagon and next time you are going to break the diet, remember now and be strong!

Were all with you and at some point been put to temptation! xx


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You have done incredibly well, and eh, we can all slip up so long as that is it, and you are able to get back on may affect your weight loss, and you may not! You never know with LT!!!!

It so isnt worth it though as the feelings that you have let yourself down are strong, so keep looking are almost there and to be honest this is the most important time. You dont want to mess up refeed, etc..once you get to goal, etc! You have done so well to get where you are, which shows real determination.

Onward and downwards!!!


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Just really wanted to echo what the others have said, straight back on straight and narrow, and you'll be fine.



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i dont think it will affect your loss, but fingers crossed, let us know how your wi goes and fair play to u for all u have lost a fantastic achievement!

irish molly

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Maureen, no one is perfect! As you said yourself, you are near the end of the shakes and tried to rationalise that it was o.k to eat the nuts. Don't panic, you may not have done any harm. Stay strong from now on. Lots of luck.