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This is just my third day of LL and I am finding it so hard. I have read some of your postings and everyone seems to be flying with it!! I am dreaming of food, missing my cups of tea with milk and feel really light headed and a bit sick .. is this normal ? I have around 3 stone to lose and desperately need to shift it.
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Hi Maggie!! Welcome to Minimins............

Day 3-5 are the killers when you're staring the diet.......your body is getting a bit upset that you're not feeding it carbs and it's trying to adjust to a new way of getting energy - via your fat!!

The sick thing is normal....carb withdrawl, sugar withdrawl and if you're used to having coffee and aren't having it now......caffine withdrawl can make you feel a bit yuk and light headed for a few days till your body gets used to it.

In a couple of days you'll be flying with the rest of them!!

Keep drinking away, are you managing your 4 litres of water? (tea and coffee don't count!)

Hold on tight and you will get through this and that 3 stone will be gone in 3 months or less.....:D

keep us posted!!



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Maggie please just bear with it, it will all be a lot better in a couple of days. The first few days can be really hard but you will soon feel much better ... especially when you get on those scales and see what you've lost!

When is your pop in? That will help by inspiring you.



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Do try to stick with it! My first week was really awful. I felt as if I had flu, the withdrawal was so bad. It passes really quickly, and then you will be flying too, honest!

As for the milk in your drinks, I really really really missed that too. However, just once in week 8 , I gave myself a splash of milk in my coffee....oooh I was looking fwd to that!! But, it just didnt taste as good as I remembered, so that was quite a big step for me. Now I drink the occasional coffee , whereas once I dranks 6-8 cups or more a day. I rarely drink tea, again an occasional Earl Grey, but I do like Clipper's Peppermint Green Teas; is really refreshing and totally fine on LL.

I hope you keep on going well, and do keep posting coz it really helps!
Hi and welcome

I too had a terrible first week and ended up in tears on more than one occassion but i stuck with it as everyone on here advised and i am soooo grateful...you will be too!

Take one day or even hour at a time and just believe it will get easier because it will!!!

People on here are great so post as much you feel you need to and use the arcade - that helped me in those early days. Before you know it that weight will have gone - wait til you see the scales at your first weigh in, there will be no looking back.

Chin up
Christina x

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One day at a time
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Welcome Maggie,
As everyone else has said the first few days are the most difficult, you just need to be strong & focus on why you are doing this.
Take each day as another step towards who you want to be.
After two weeks I felt that I knew exactly what I was doing & that I could stick to this.

Hope this helps
Hang in there girl! Week 1 is sheer hell but you just gotta grit your teeth & go for it! It does get better, promise but I know it doesent feel like it will, it does! Try & glug the water as that helps and try new things like mint tea with sweetner (one of my faves now!). Can totally relate to missing milk as there are times that I would kill for a milky tea with 1 sugar but its not worth it!! Your body is at the worst bit and you will start to feel better soon and by week 3 will feel 100% more yourself! When do you get weighed? That helps as it gives you a boost! I made the mistake of not getting weighed wk 1 & regretted it so do try! Keep up updated & keep busy to take your mind off it! Big hugs!

Hi all, Thanks so much for all your support!! its really helped I thought I wasnt normal for feeling how I do!! I cant wait for weigh in on Wednesday and its a big temptation to step on the scales but I am resisting!! Ill let you all know how I get on!! How much have you all lost and how long did it take? xx:)
Can see it now

Can tell Im new to this Ive just seen the sliders with your weight losses!! you have all done great youve really given me a boost Thanks x


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Hi all, Thanks so much for all your support!! its really helped I thought I wasnt normal for feeling how I do!! I cant wait for weigh in on Wednesday and its a big temptation to step on the scales but I am resisting!! Ill let you all know how I get on!! How much have you all lost and how long did it take? xx:)

Oh dont worry hun it is all part of withdrawing from all the junk we used to eat and drink.....lol. Yes what you were going through is very normal so you`re not odd.
I have lost just under 5 stones as I have been very naughty and am struggling big time to get back on track. It could have been so much more if I had stuck to it 100%.
I have been on it since mid november 06


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I can totally empathise - I lost almost all my weight and then was sent to Japan for work and leisure for 3 weeks, so came off went onto early management. I came back Sunday and went straight back onto packs to lose my last stone - after a couple of hiccup days I have now been on packs since Tuesday morning about 9am and I'm STILL not in bloody ketosis. It's really beginning to piss me off. I had mates visiting from far away last night and everyone sat down to curry and wine and went to the pub - I had soup and went to bed.... :(

It is **** - but seriously it gets so much better and reading this thread has reminded me of that fact. I didn't want to come off packs AT ALL because I knew this would be hard. Once you're through the first week and have your weigh in you will be so delighted and it really will be so much easier!! Good luck, I just know that in 3 months time you'll be celebrating your 100 days and on a new clothes shopping spree!! :)
How you feeling today Maggie? Did you have a "pop in" where you get weighed mis week on week 1? Does help boost your resolve....with 3 stone to loose I'm sure you will be done by the 100 days so not long to go! Need to start preparing yourself mentally for being slim because the weight literally drops off!!
another day

Still feeling quite grotty! like im in a bubble and everything is a haze around me!!! But I have stuck to it 100% this forum has helped me so much this 1st week and Im sure it will only get easier!! only tomorrow to go then the big weigh in!! fingers crossed
Good on you Maggie for sticking to it. You're right, it will get so much easier. Try find things to keep you busy to help take your mind away from it all.

That spaced out bubble feeling diminishes by the way! Well done for hanging in there! I have to say week 1 was possibly one of he worst ever for me & is the main reason why I've resisted cheating so far! Never want to go through that again! It will be worth it! Let us know how you get on tomorrow!

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