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:jelous: Hi
Just wanted some help with this one!

Ive been feeling a little under the weather, not too much, but yesterday morning i had a 'tango' incident, which was totally under my control and today ive had 3 or 4, which were worse than yest. I have not over indulged, eaten too much fat, so i cant think why this has happened. Like i said, i am feeling a little under weather, but not sure if that the pills (slight tummy ache).
Anyone got any ideas? I did wonder if anxiety can cause this, as im anxious waiting to find out if my hubby has a job he went for?

Please help xxxxx
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Anxiety can certainly make you like that. Often when I'm stressing over an exam or essay I'll get like that :(. Make sure you take plenty of fluids, hope you feel better soon!


Go on smile! =)
The only cause of the tango is due to eating to much fat. You must have eaten to much fat for you to get the side effects. Do you keep a food diary? These help you to go back and see what could have caused it.

The tummy ache is most likey due to the Xenical, but this again could be because of to much fat intake. You dont have to indulge to go over the reccomended fat you might have just eaten something that you didnt realise had the fat in.

How long have you been taking Xenical? If you have just started you might be having a reaction to it. Have you had side effects in the past from Xenical? There is a difference between feeling ill and having side effects from Xenical (tango).

Im currently on Alli, have been for 2 weeks. Ive taken xenical in the past and will be back on it again after a month.
I have been keeping a food diary, and i have definetly not had too much fat, if anything ive been a little under, thats why i asked if anxiety can cause this. I'm not kidding myself either, ive definatly not overdone the fat!
I also have an under active thyroid for which i am on thyroxine & also im on HRT due to total hysterectomy (due to early menopause at 27). Maybe i will ask my doctor about this.

Thanks for replies x x x


Go on smile! =)
Yea i would go check with your doctor. Just weird something else would cause the tango effect. Sure everything will be fine get well soon.
Don't forget the tablets can't tell good fat from bad fat. So if you've eaten oily fish etc or I think also thinks high in vitamin A etc can also cause it

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