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Help :/

Ive been meaning to post something here for a while, but never had the time or felt the need, but i really could do with some help. Im 16 and have been on the cambridge diet since January 10th 2010 ive so far lost 49 pounds last week so exactley 3 stone and a half. It slowed down and i lost 3 pounds not last week but the one before, and i was depressed all week over it, then i lost 4 pounds last week and was extatic, then this morning i go to have my weigh in and ive lost 1 pound and im absolutley heart broken, im doing nothing wrong, nothings changed with me or what im doing, i had 10 stone to loose, now only 6 and a half, but i did this so i could fit into my prom dress, which is july 1st, and when i get news like this i feel like theres no point any more, and the weeks just going to be hell with this sitting on me, im loosing sleep thinking about everything, and if its going to happen or not, im having constant thoughts of whether im worth living any more, i dont no what to do any more, im living a constant hell, can someone please just tell me the truth on weather im gonna go from a size 26 to 14/16 for prom please (its on july 1st) My counciler keeps saying its fine and im still loosing it but you could see she new this wasnt normal, all my money i have is going to this, i have exams, college, prom everything relying on this and ive never felt so bad before, i mean im eating 3 porridges a day and its just ugh, any tips would be helpfull :/ Thanks, love lucie x (oh and sorry about the essay) :wave_cry:
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Hey hun, you've done really well so far. Well done!! I hate it when weightloss stalls for no apparent reason, it's very disheartening. BUT it's usually a temporary thing.

The first thing I'd ask you to do, is be completely honest with yourself... Has anything crept in that shouldn't have? I don't necessarily mean that you've cheated, but if you've had too much of the water flavourings, or mousse, that can have an effect of some people. This link tells you more about that.


If you're certain that none of this has been the case then what I did when this happened to me was go onto SS+ for a week. The fact that you can have a little bit of food everyday sometimes tricks your body and improves your losses. My CDC suggested I tried that and it worked for me anyway. I think people get scared that by going onto SS+ they won't have good losses, but thats not true. The reason I tend to stick to SS is because if I introduce food at all, the temptation to overdo it is too big for me to handle, so I only use SS+ if I'm struggling with low losses for a kick start.

The only other thing I can think of is was it you time of the month? Cos that sometimes has a huge affect on my weightlosses. Sometimes for 2weeks, the week leading up to my period and the week I'm on can be lower. Just another thought.

I hope this helps you, cos I know it's a really stressful time for you without having to worry about your diet too. Stick with it though hun, because, even though your losses are lower than you'd like, they're still higher than they would be with any other diet. Good luck with it all. xxx


please try again
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firstly hun great big hugs
in just over 2 months youve lost 3 and a half stone, thats amazing hunni, cambridge says you can lose 1 stone a month on ss so your already ahead of that
im a little worried that you say you dont know if lifes worth living, please please talk to someone about how you are feeling

losses on cambridge are rarely if ever a set amount each week, were not robots, some weeks you get a big loss, some weeks a smaller loss and other weeks are in the middle, it all avarages out in the end, try not to let what the scales say get you down hun, you know your sticking to it 100% and you know the weights going to keep coming off


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Hi Lucie, firstly well done on your weight loss you super star! Secondly, well done for the fact that you are doing this at such a young age! I cant believe that at 16 you have the right head space to do CD!! You are a force to be reckoned with!!

I genuinely believe that if you are 100% SS then anything is possible and you may well achieve your goal!! I have lost almost 2 and a half stone and have gone from a 16 to a 12 in 8 weeks!! You have 4 months to go so thats approx 4 more stone that you will lose, so 4 dress sizes!!

A 1lb loss must be exhausting mentally but I am told that losses average out to a stone a month so maybe you should look at your losses month to month instead of on a weekly basis!!

Good luck hunni!! xxx


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S: 12st7lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st10lb(21.71%)
Also, have you tried any shakes? I love chocolate mint and have 3 each and every day! I have never tried the porridge and I dislike the bars!! xxx


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Hunni you have done absoultly amazeing well done

Everyone on every diet go through this you cant loose the same amount every week as long as your weight is comeing off and your not putting on then thats all that matters.

Your very brave for your age and are doing fantastic you should be really proud of yourself and im sure you will look gorgeouse in your 14/16 prom dress keep up the hard work and it will pay off ;);)


I am one of the 63336
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Wow, you've done amazingly well!!

Maybe you need a bit of variety in what you are hving - your body may be getting fed up of just porridge.

Have a look at a BMI calculator and see how much your BMI has come down. That should give you a boost.

Also look at other peoplews statistics where they list loss week by week. Most people have a week like this.

Draw a line under it and you WILL look stunning xx


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As has been said above, you can never plot your weight loss on a graph and expect the same losses each week. The weight you have dropped up to now is amazing - build on that, rather than get too hung up on one specific week. If you are doing everything right for SS, trust the diet and you will see a change. Setting yourself a goal date is a good idea for motivation but don't get too obsessed with achieving 'perfection' as any little deviation from you plan may seem like you have 'failed' so try to relax a little and be a bit more flexible.
Are you in the UK? If so, try some other flavours or bars for variety, keep drinking plenty of water.
When you say there's no point any more, I think you need to take a step back and see how far you have come up to now and if you really are feeling low, do you have anyone at school you can talk to (counsellor etc?). As CD averages about 14lbs a month, there is a chance you will reach your goal, there is also a chance that you may not but do not let your life be ruled by the numbers on the scales. Keep on with the diet and be positive!
S: 17st7lb C: 16st13lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st8lb(3.27%)

when i did ss for the first time i had 5 1/2st to loose. i did this in around 5 months. i went from a size 20 to a size 12/14.

i also had 2 weeks of not loosing anything. it was disheartening. it makes you wonder but your body has to catch up with you sometimes. the very next week after 2 zero losses i lost 8lbs.

keep battling on.
Thank you everyone <3 its just everything is so set and im trying so hard, i know next week will be the same even if i go to the gym after school every day, i have exams that rely on my place in college that i have to take soon, and im up to my eyes in coursework, i just want it all to happen now or theres no point any more, in anything, id be happy at a steady 4 pounds a week, i havent cheated at all or let anything past my mouth, i think im gonna go see my counciler tomrow and swap some porridges for milkshakes, and have porridge for breakfast, then a bar then a milkshake, thing is i walk back 45 mins every day from school :/ Noone that i can talk to around me seems to understand at all, i dont no what to do :/ xx


Laugh in the face of food
S: 17st11lb C: 14st9lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 3st2lb(17.67%)
This is going to sound like the weirdest advice ever, but I think maybe you're actually doing too much exercise. I noticed that when I did more exercise I didn't lose as much weight, I was losing inches as I toned up but not weight. Which was just the excuse I needed to knock exercise on the head until I got nearer my target. So maybe try a week or two with not as much exercise and see if that helps any.

I'm like you and I want results NOW, but like people have said, Cambridge works out on average over the month. You're putting an aweful lot of pressure on yourself, and I'm exactly the same. If you're ever stuck for people to talk to about CD or anything for that matter, come on here, there's always someone about. I don't talk to anyone about CD, because like you say, no-one really understands, and they're all fed up of me being on a diet. So I come on here alot to chat.

Try not to be too hard on yourself. xx
2 Weeks ago i did about 4 sesions at the gym about 45 mins each time, and lost 3 pounds, then only went abit the next week and lost 4, this week i went once and did my usual walking home and only lost 1, i dont understand what i have to do or whats right or wrong :/ I did this diet so i could loose weight and focus on prom and my future and still loose weight at the same time, but i dont want to leave it this week doing nothing cause incase i waste another week, but it should come off with just walking home :( I just dont want to be here anymore i hate it :(
Hey hun,

BIG HUGS!! sorry to hear you are feeling abit down but everyone has given you really good advice! Hopefully what i am going to say will make you feel even better!

I did cambridge last year and lost 5 1/2 stone in 5 months. I went from a size 26/28 down to a 14/16 so it IS possible hun! dont worry yourself too much, just stick with it.

Dont be scared of having a ss+ meal every now and then if you feel it may give your body a boost as i did about 2 ss+ meals a week and it really didnt effect my losses.

(and yes i have kept it off, i just stopped 4st short of goal cos i was getting married so i am back to lose the last 4st).

I REALLY hope this cheers you up. Anything is possible when you want it enough.

Goodluck with the exams.

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