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Dee 25

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According to the book bacon is fine, but you have to be careful in case it's cured with sugars, but I'm not limiting bacon. Sausages aren't all meat and can have all sorts of things added to them, so I think you have to check the carbs as you may think they're innocent but they could take you over your limit if you're on induction.

HTH - I'm no expert though as only just started, but that's how I read it in the book x

Dee 25

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arghhhhhh, just realised that i've had loads of sausages all week and they are 6 carbs each plus some are 9.

i;ve screwed up


Dee 25

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hiya dizee,

can i just ask if i can have the meatloaf on induction.

If you dont mind, could you give some of your meal ideas to keep straight.

i think breakfast is gonna be hard now i cant have sausage.


Dee 25

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but what about mince beef and the meatloaf recipe.

one on the recipe thread, it says fatty mince prob to bind

dont wanna go wrong again
Thanks very much

we got to get on track in the morning.

Diane x
Thats is Jim's meatloaf and yes thats fien for induction hun

thanks very much for all the advice

Diane x
We all screw up to start with Diane, don't worry love, it's a learning curve and you'll get there. We've all done it. :)


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I did exactly the same with sausages to start with!

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