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Oh I am so fed up.....

I have lost two stone and on my way to goal. Havent set target yet but hoping to loose about 10 more lbs. I find eating free foods no problem, breakfast always a B choice, lunch always a free meal and tea again always a free meal. In the evenings I have my syns, due to weight loss I tend to stick to around 60 syns per week. I just cant shift the weight though, its just up and down each week. I really dont know what I am doing wrong. I fill the online diary in everytime I am eating, i fill it in as I tuck in "bite it, write it". Perhaps my syns need to be in my meals and not as my night time treat (usually have a few pieces of chocolate at about 8.30pm). Perhaps my portions of free food is too much.....

Im so frustrated :cry:I just wanna cry, I am so "good" and really stick to it but it just doesnt reflect on the scales. Am I being too harsh on myself? Is it me, what am I doing wrong??
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Hi jessica1979
sorry to hear of your dilema just thought i say your loss so far is fantastic try and stay positive i know its hard sometimes.
also i dont have any syns during the day i use all mine in the evening on funsize bars of choc in bed i,m surprised my husband stays in the same bed sometimes he woke up with a crunchie wrapper stuck to him last week :8855:but i think you're doing really well look at your superspeed foods sometimes thats the key. but good luck.
Hiya, I do go to class, on a Thursday evening. I mostly do EE unless Im having SW chips, eggs and beans when I have a green day. I dont really look at if I eat super free foods, I just ensure they are free. Do you think using super free may be something to look at?? perhaps a boost? I should be pleased with weight loss and I am, but it just feels like im working so hard and not getting the results I want. I suppose we all want to go to bed and wake up the next day slimmer! I will not give up, I will do it!! When I see people eating what they like and being happy in the size they are in, I look at them and think, why am I not happy then? And, will I ever be happy or will I always want to be slimmer. At my biggest I was a size 20 and joined SW at a size 16, I`m now getting in size 12s. Is it a case of my body is saying" right Jess, youve lost enough, I want to be this size, stop it now!"? Do we get to a "natural weight"?

Ps love the crunchie wrapper story, very funny!:8855:

Sorry to be a moaner, I just find myself a little low at the moment with it all.


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Hi hun do you do any exercise? Didn't see you mention anything about exercise, maybe thats the missing part, or maybe that could give you that little boost you need x
On extra easy you should be eating a third super-free (fruit and non-starchy vegetables) with every meal, also on green, as there is such an abundance of free foods it's easy to forget about super free, so bring some veggies and salad into your meals and cut out some of the free food. What sort of snacks do you have? xx

Not really:busted: apart from the odd walk around the block after tea and some step areobics on my Wii. The thought of exercise makes me want to run and hide!


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Not really:busted: apart from the odd walk around the block after tea and some step areobics on my Wii. The thought of exercise makes me want to run and hide!
Hehehe, I know I'm the same, I wish I had the mental power to be able to keep up a routine! x
I think I`m going to have a couple of Red and Green weeks and see how I get on, perhaps that will boost me a bit. I`m going to get my guide book out and have a read from the beginning.

I am also going to do a fitness log this week and make it my aim to do something exercise-y. Think I may actually do more on the wii and see.

Thanks to you all, think I just needed a rant. Seeing it there in black and white also helps xx

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