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I started Dukan Diet 8 days ago and lost 4lb in the first 4 days......Great?! I was over the moon and totally converted to this new diet, On Saturday night I had a blip and drank a couple glasses of wine and 2 baileys, so Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was really really good and my weight manages to stay the same so I was glad I hadn't gained any from my blip, but this morning (Wed) I weighed and I have put on a pound............What is that all about??? Now I don't know whether to go onto cruise or stay on pp or what to do. Any advice will be nice please x
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Dont dispair hun. There are so some many lovely ladies who will be able to offer good advice. I however am not one of them as I am only on Day 6 but wanted you to know help is on it's way :D
hey kay i think u should go onto cruise ,has you dont have a lot to lose it may come off slower also, when is ur weigh in day ,and this is hard to do try not to weigh everyday if you can !!!

good luck !!
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Not very good at this!
Just don't give up - my scales are going up this week and I haven't had a drink or been naughty at all. Some weeks are good others not so good, and if you haven't got that much to lose it stands to reason that it will be a slower loss.
also how much soy sauce and oyster sauce did u use last night . You may have had water retention from the salt in it , just a thought and ive driven the kids to school and back with that whizzing through my head lol :/
my weigh in day is Tuesday as that is the day I started on the diet last week. If I go onto cruise is the veg/salad part like the protein part? Can I eat as much veg/ salad as I like from the list of tolerated foods?
I made sure I drank extra water to make up for the fact that I made that sauce so was hoping I would have counteracted that, anyway I will plod on for now, and now I must go and tackle the mountain of Ironing x
kay hunny u need to make sure u still have more protien than veg ,i weigh in on fridays which is good for me and i also do

mon pp
tue pp
wed pv
thr pp
fri pp
sat pv
sun pv

HTH lovey !!
Write-off the drinks and carry on! There's not many people on here that haven't had an extra at some point.

Do whatever combination of PP/PV that suits (I do PV, PP, PV, PP, PV, PP, PP so that I have a PP before weigh-in). Try and have 2/3 protein to 1/3 veg. Don't overdo the carrots and beetroot (high in sugar).

My weight-loss will be slowing down now because I have less to lose, I'm not expecting a huge loss tomorrow on the scales despite not cheating!
It will be water retention....also you've been on attack aaaaaaaaaaaaages :) please start cruise...

70/30 protein/veg.... best pattern is 1 day pp/1 day pp (1/1 method)

also you can expect (if you stick to it rigidly - 3lbs a week on average from now on) with so little to lose....
Thanks everyone, that is it then, I will start cruise today, no chance of me eating too much carrot as I don't like any veg so it will be all salad every time.....salad leaves, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. Although I love mushroom, onions and garlic so that will get added to a lot of my meat now.
Thanks for all your help I will keep you informed how I get on xxx


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Kay,

I got here a bit late and everyone has already given you perfect advice. Definitely start with cruise now. As for losses and gains - I always had several days of nothing happening / weight going up despite being strict (very frustrating!), then dropped a pound or two. As well as water retention, transition issues (to put it delicately) affect things as well - not much fibre in = even less fibre out.

Good luck and stick with it, it will work in the end!


Dukan Ancestor!!
I'm sure you'll be fine. I had a holiday in the middle where I sort of did conso (ie veg every day) and I had a treat biscuit every day too, no alcohol though. Came back and had actually lost some weight.

My weekly strict pp day coming up tomorrow and I'm totally unprepared... Ah well I have tinned salmon somewhere, and steak in the freezer and quark+yoghurt+eggs in the fridge. Oatbran porridge takes care of brekkie so I think I'll be okay ;) I might be bored but not hungry :)

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