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Hi ,ive approached this subject before but it is still happening.I still have to rush to the toilet all the time with constant diaoharia.(spelt wrong i think).My stomach never feels right.I read an article in the paper yesterday about people who do diet that havnt got enough carbs (like atkins) are more likely to get bowel cancer.This has triggered a worry cause we have bowel problems in the family.I literally have accidents which is awfull.Does anyone else suffer?xx
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How long have you been on the diet?

It's possible that you're having a reaction either to the concentration of vitamins and minerals in the packs or to an ingredient in the pack. Could you be lactose intolerant?

Have you tried splitting your packs so you have 8 smaller meals a day?

How much water are you drinking? Is it enough? Is it too much?

What does your LLC say?

I wouldn't worry about the cancer 'risk'. We're supposed to get cancer from everything these days!

I would go and checked out by your GP though - you shouldn't be suffering like this.

Hope you feel better very soon!

Oh dear, you sound as though you are having a hard time. The only time that I get that is if I have eaten too much after I have been SS'ing for a long time. I would talk to your LL counsellor and your GP to set your mind at ease. It could be any number of things, so please do not worry yourself that it might be bowel cancer. Get yourself checked out and set that worry aside.

Some people have that same effect with their nerves (IBS) or it might be that you are intolerant to one ofg the ingrediants.

Hope that you feel better soon xx
Oh bless ya thank you guys.This is my 7th week.The 2nd week of doing this the doctor told me i had a water infection ,i had bad pains in my groin.The pains disapeared after the antibiotics.2 weeks ago I went to the emergency doctors with the pain again he reckons its difaticular disease(spelt wrong) apparantly its a tube in your bowel that has little pockets that fill up with infection.He said i seemed young for this but not impossible.I mentioned cancer and he said i was to young.He did say it could be the diet.Im to scared to find out in case it isxx:cry:
So what else did he say? Has he referred you back to your GP or to a specialist to sort out the condition? Are you on medication now?

You mustn't be scared of finding out what's going on - you must sort it out.

The diet alone cannot give you any diseases. It's possible, I suppose, that it can make worse any condition you already have - even if you didn't know that you had it!

You must get it checked out - this is your health we're talking about and you musn't let fear stop you from getting yourself well.

thanks lovey,he told me it would re occur.I finished antibiotics 2 weeks ago so im just waiting.Im drinking 4 to 6 litres of water a day.Ive been up an hour and been 3 times already.I had a back op 8 weeks ago so im on the sick.So with having this problem its a lot easier being at home.xx
Hang on, hun - you had a back op 8 weeks ago? You really should not be SSing! You need at least 12 weeks to let your body recover.

Does your LLC know you've had surgery?

I really think you need to go back to your gp and start eating low GI style until you've totally recovered.

Let us know how you get on.

You've had great advice above and maybe if you take a break from LL whilst you recover from your operation your symptoms might disappear.

I just wanted to mention something about bowel cancer although I'm sure it won't apply to you. It is rare in younger people (mostly effects the over 60's) but it does still happen. I have two friends in their early 30's who were diagnosed with bowel cancer this year, luckily they're both doing well. It took a year for one of them to get diagnosed because her GP said she was 'too young' and didn't refer her for tests.
I would just say that if you think you're being fobbed off, try to see another GP and ask to be referred for tests. I think the NHS is great and have personally had great service from them but there is a tendency to assume its the more common problem rather than rule out the most serious (costs too much money I suppose) GP's are 'general practitioners' and they know a little bit about a lot of things but not everything.
Anyway I'm sure you'll be fine and I hope you get it sorted out soon. Take Care x
Thanks lovey no i didnt think to say.Im sure i have mentioned though that im on the sick.Does it make a difference?xx
Yeah it does make a difference. Your body needs at least 3 months to heal itself after an operation - and it needs carbs in order to do that, so you mustn't SS until then.


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