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Fell of the wagon again last night. Really kicking myself this morning. WHY do I do it??:confused:
Finding it sooo hard to get back on SSing, if I try 790 or 1000 I can't seem to stop eating.
Husby says I am in self destruct mode again. :(

Really want to do it this time.
Drinking water all the time but still feel hungry...is it all in the mind?? :rolleyes:
Wish I could be as strong as I was last year, lost ok. this time so hard. :mad:

Sorry to be on a downer so early in the day.
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don t beat your self up about it it s happened now just look forward i know its easier said than done as i m on day one of a restart, my other half says exactly the same things to me but this time i m gonna show him

you can do this just keep the prize in mind


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
So glad it's not just me. Why do we do it?
Need to lose weight bad, clothes getting tight. Feeling really sorry for myself today.
Restarting is ssssoooooooooooooooo hard.

I have been having trouble myself i re-starting. So, my plan is to lower my carbs this week, be on 790 Friday-Sunday and start SS Monday.

When I started SS the first time I was psyched up to begin. I think I need that excitement of the 'new slim future' rather than 'well I might as well try again'.

I dont know if my ramblings make any sense, but I am trying to clear my head and get my thoughts straight.

If you need a buddy - let me know - I am good at giving the advice of stick with it etc, but not so good at taking said advice myself.

Take Care
I was naughty yesterday too.... it's so frustrating isn't it. Resulted in a 3lb gain for me!

All we can do now is stick to it 100%, we know eating makes us feel like [email protected] but we still do it! We must try to remember how bad it makes us feel - for hours/days afterwards. It's so not worth it.

You can however rectify the slip - it's just a small blip, it's how you deal with it now that counts. Just get back on that wagon and don't put yourself through this misery again.

Good luck!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thank you all for your kind comments. I really am going to do it today. :)

Will let you know how I'm doing....I may need a kick now and again..:D
Someone on here offered me some good advice recently, I can;t remember who it wass though:eek:
Take it hour by hour. Setting yourself hourly goals makes it more manageable. Try it. Its working for me today. Yesterday I went into the fridge and ate a sausage at lunchtime:whoopass:but today I am on the SS straight and narrow!
Good luck


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Just had a hot vanilla shake and feeling good...got to go to work this afternoon. Work in a local shop, not easy as it sells Pick n Mix and always tempted with the foam shrimps!!!

Going to take a tetra with me, will be working until 9pm so will need something to keep me going. :party0038:


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I'm starting back on SS tomorrow, wanted to today really but I woke up and ate a load of (wont mention in case anyone craves it). Just had a week off of the diet whilst at Glastonbury so I'm right with you. I have no idea what its going to be like restarting SS but the way of my thinking goes I just want to be slim, be able to go into topshop and buy anything I like or even lounge around the house in a baggy old t-shirt and still look good. Keep thinking about the things you REALLY want and your reasons of doing this diet to keep you going. Its what I've done from day 1 and I hope it will work for me (and you and others in the same boat) this time round.

Don't give up, keep on plodding on lil donkey :-D



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks Karen I know your right. I still have the little devil sitting on my shoulder I wish he would fall off!!!:devilangel:

Will really do my bestest today...I would like to collect my first star.:)


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S: 14st4lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)


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Back home now........................the foam shrimps got me!!
Won't get a star today. Will start again tomorrow. Sorrys guys.
Really feel pi**ed off with myself. So weak.

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