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hiya im leanne, this is my first and hopefully only time dieting. I'm trying slimming world and intend to join tomorrow.
Just wondered are there any specific food which i will need ready in freezer or cupboards and things like herbs and spices which ones should i get ready.
i've got a 3 year old daughter so hopefully she will eat the same things i eat, problem is were both such fussy eaters and i never really have much time to make meals.

can anyone share any tips or some quick and simple recipes until i get used to it all? x
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frylite.. whatever kind you like... buttery is good for on spuds and they do salad dressing ones too..
pretty much everything SW mentions frylite at some point unless it's a soup.. :)

wholemeal bread, pasta, rice.
plenty of veg, fresh or frozen
tins or cartons of tomatos or passata ( sieved tomato )..
tins of beans and spaghetti in tom sauce
chicken fillets in the freezer..
stock cubes..
plenty of fruit.
fat free yogurts such as muller lite etc..
Hi this has been my first week too, I'm a student so rarely thought about cooking properly before and most of my money went on alcohol and clothes!
If you look through the recipe threads here you'll get loads of ideas, the SW website and magazines are really good too as they give you a 7 day planner.
There was a thread on here earlier where people posted their shopping lists, so you could just search at the top for weekly shopping list and I'm sure it would come up.

I'm a very fussy eater but I've managed really well on the plan as there is lots you can have. Things like curries, spaghetti bol, chillie, burgers, kiev, slimming world chips, 'healthy' fry ups, what I've learnt so far is it's just about changing the way you cook things. A slow cooker might be an idea too as you can shove everything in and it's done when it's done. Good luck :D Charli XX
thank you, keep thinking its going to be difficult as i dont like much veg, will make up with it through eating fruits though altough i'm thinking of blending veg and hiding it is food sauces etc..
Today i've had 2 slices of toast with clover on and a yogurt for breakfast, chicken and rice for dinner and a jacket potato with a tin of spaghetti and a little sprinkle of cheese on top... does this sound ok to you? i'm thinking of making a slimming world curry or spag bol for tomorrows tea x
Hiya I am quite a fussy eater too but since Ive been on SW, Ive tried loads of new things for extra taste in meals ... i hate the texture of onions but i will put them into my soups and sauces because they give it extra flavour and i usually blitz them anyway so if u get yourself a recipe book and give some of them a try, im sure u will enjoy them x
I hate veg too but I add it to my bolognaise, chillies, curries etc and try to 'hide' it. You could always try making soups too just blend it all and add some herbs/spices for flavour, so it doesn't taste like you're eating veg as such :)

kerry b

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Im another one who hates veg and I mostly follow extra easy so supposed to have 1/3 superfree veg with every meal. I make soups and blend them or eat salad or fruit instead.

good luck
Slimming World is great even for fussy eaters.
Depending on what plan you would like to follow I'd probably go for easy options like jacket potatoes, mash and beans, beans on toast etc. Keep things simple when you first start.

My store cupboard staples are things such as:
Herbs and spices
oxo cubes
salt & pepper
mustard powder.

I keep in plenty of fresh fruit and veg too to make up fruit salads and soups.
Potatoes, pasta and rice.
Meats such as bacon, ham, beef, lamb, mince.
Low syn treats such as treat size chocolate bars, crisps, etc.

Fat free yogurts, mullerlights are free and Activia fat free yogurts are lovely too.
I've just bought a bottle of Kraft light honey and mustard salad dressing at Home Bargains for 10p!! 1tbsp=1syn. Fab to pep up a salad!


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Your toast is fine if it was 2 400g wholemeal slices as a healthy b, you would have to syn (and measure) the clover and also weigh the cheese and syn it if it's not a healthy A option, and you need to make sure you get your syns in, plus you need to get your 1/3rd superfree in. You can't just guess at syns and healthy extras on SW these are the only things you have to weigh and measure


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yep completely what i meant coljack was clearly having a blonde moment, brain not functioning properly, trying to concentrate on too many things at once!! Thanks for correcting me!!

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