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I have just downloaded this app. My partner and I started our healthy eating plan 2weeks ago. We lost 10lbs between us after week 1 and were very motivated. Week 2 we worked even harder and we both stayed the same weight. This has sent me off the rails completely and I have been binge eating as a result of my annoyance at not losing even 1lb between us. We have now regained the 10lbs we lost. How do we get back on track?
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Hi and welcome. Don't give up. Reread the books and make a week's menu. And check you are doing it properly. You could also start a diary thread for support too.

Irene xx


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It often happens on week two of any diet it's the water you see that you lose initially . Just go back. To week one . How about only weighing yourself fortnightly . That way you won't get so disheartened. It's great you do it together . :) x

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