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Okay first i'll introduce myself, i'm steven i live in leeds im 17 and in my final year of 6th form studying art media and photography, i've been overweight most of my life. In November i started to cut down on what i ate and join gym, after the first month without succes i thought oh well i'm not going to see result right away, but i kept at it, its now 4 months on and i'm still not seeing any results and i've changed what i eat and drink, as of monday i cut out all caffeine. I've even been to the doctors and asked what else i can do but they just told me to do what i've already been doing for months.

Just to add, my usual gym routine is 20mins on a cross trainer and 20mins on the treadmill doing fast walking. I also lift weights at home.

with all this im starting to get, extremely frustrated with it, does anyone have any tips or something to help me so i can see some results after all of my effort :(

Thank you,

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Hi Stvv
All that work has not ben wasted, i read on here many times all the frustration and will for those scales to move and i can be like that myself.

Try to remember that those 4 months has made you a fitter healthier person than you were before you started. I can't see how it could not of.

Have you noticed a change in your stamina?

What was/is your wieght and how much are you wanting to lose.

You have to of built muscle over that 4 months as well.

Have you been calorie counting?
Have you calculated calories out to calories in?

Im sure someone else will post soon.

Im exercsing daily but finding it hard to do the food control. I keep telling myself how much fitter i am getting, and it keeps me going.;)


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Well the scales im using at the gym are in KG and when i started i was 133KG, since then i've dropped to 131, i do feel an increase in my stamina i can exercise for longer and yes of course i've built some muscle.I want to lose, well, as much as possible so i can feel confident with myself again.

Also im 6ft 4", if that helps :)

edit; no i havent been calorie coutning:x
If you have got muscles then you have changed shape.
5lb of musce is the same as 5lb of fat, but fat it bigger and bubbly.

I would be calorie counting if i wanted better results.

You could be just working of excess calories that you intake each week.

EG: You could be gaining 1lb to 2 lb a week in wieght with what you are eating but you are working it off in the gym. canceling out your hard work.

You need to be eating the amount that brings you down to calories ( ONLY) that are needed daily or may be slghtly lower, you will need to ask a proffesional how low you can go. Im no trained in tha area.

That way you will work away the extra wieght you are hold already.

133kg is 20st 9lb does that sound right, use an online conversion if needed.

Hope that helps.:)


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Even though you have cut down you still might e eating too much. You need to write down everything you eat and drink for a couple of days and lets see what you are getting through. Maybe some adjustments are needed.


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Hi Steven,

I'm the same as you (although a bit older), I have been large all my life and about a year ago I started trying to lose weight. I managed the odd kilo one week only for it to come back the next week with reinforcements. My net lose for twelve months was exactly 0Kgs - not good.

About four weeks ago it started to come off - admittedly, the first week was due to not eating, the second week was due to a quick course of Lipotrim but for the last few weeks I have been eating low carb and low calorie and over the four weeks or so I have managed to shift 22lbs.

If you are trying to get rid of the weight by calorie counting it can be very hard as there may be hidden calories that you do not realise that you are eating - carb counting is a bit of a minefield as well.

I have recently ditched the treadmill in favour of road running and find it far more enjoyable than running in a sweatshop in front of a mirror.

I'm sure the pounds will start to move soon and good luck.
Wow Sundodger woohoo nice loss, brilliant inspiration for anyone. Welldone.

Stvv i hope you do manage to carry on, it can ponly get better and as i mentioned before you must be getting fitter in cardio.


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