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Hi, this might end up being abit of a long one!

I have always had a battle with weight, as a child I had "puppy fat", unfortunately it turned into adult fat! I have tried milkshake diets, slimming world, weight watchers, various slimming tablets etc.

The most success I ever had was a few years ago when I lost 5 and half stone with Weight watchers. (I always seem to to go back to Weight watchers). Unfortunately, because I didn't keep it up, I piled all the weight back on.

I have approx 11-12 stone to lose to be in my "ideal" weight bracket which just seems such a big feat.

I am writing because, yet again, I have fallen back off the wagon badly, in fact, I am eating a sausage roll as I am typing this.

What makes it worse is that I am a clerk for Weight watchers and help weigh people. I just feel so hypocritical standing there watching other people lose weight when I can't even stick to it for a week! I even pulled a sickie last week and am thinking of doing the same this week or even quitting as I can't bear the look of disappointment in my leaders face. She is a good leader but my heart just isn't in it.

I am on anti-depressants which I have been on for over 10 years now due to a breakdown I had. So I do suffer from anxiety and depression. (not that I am using this as an excuse!).

I have been stressed lately as we don't have alot of money and our car keeps needing things doing and there is always something extra that I haven't planned for.

Thank you if you have read this, just wanted to get it off my chest. I could really do with a weightwatcher buddy to help spur me on. Don't know where I am gonna find the willpower!

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Hi Ali, i really don't think you should quit your WW post as they have all been there themselves and i'm sure they will support you no matter what up and downs are along the way.

Have u spoken to someone about your anxiety and depression as getting some of that off of your chest may help with your weightloss, as i know that if im emotional i tend to eat more and things that are bad for me.

I wish you every success in your journey, and everyone on here for what i have seen are really supportive,

gemma x
I agree with Gemma, you shouldnt quit your WW post, especially as your leader is lovely! (Seems rather rare these days...)
I also think it would be good to chat to someone about things as it will help you feel better inside if you have someone to vent at so to speak. I think it really does help alongside the anti-D's.
I hope you find the courage and motivation inside to give weight watchers a really good go again. Good luck with your weight loss journey hun, were all here for support :)
Thanks everyone for your support and kind words!!! My official weighin is tommorrow night and (if I can muster up enough courage to go!) I might ask our leader if I can start afresh again!!!!!


likes posting.
Please go back & do your best.Ive been on diets all my life some good some bad.Lost lots of weight over the years.One thing i will not do is give up on myself.Good luck.
Oh hun you sound just like me. I have at least 7stone to go and I struggle on a daily basis with anxiety and depression.

I was diagnosed a couple of years ago and had CBT but the last year for me has been horrendous and I have definately slipped back.

Just a thought but you could do a diary and we could all try and support each other on there.
alioreilly said:
How do I do a diary?
Go to the weightloss diary section and just start a new thread then you can write it in whenever you like! Some people write down what they're eating, how they are feeling, what exercise etc-whatever you like. People can comment on stuff-just like in a normal thread :)
Just wanted to wish you good luck, you may feel like you have a long way to go at the moment but just take it 7lbs at a time, thats what ive been doing. Don't deprive yourself but you also have to remember its not going to happen overnight. I am also a rep at my class aswell so i can appreciate it being difficult if you gain. Also, as your going through a tough time in your personal life, think how good it will feel when you can forget about your troubles one evening every week to celebrate your loses.

Good luck xxxx

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