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I need some help people!
I have completely stalled, am apparently out of ketosis and weight is up 7lb from last monday!

I have no idea why! Last weekend before a wedding i was a little poorly so didnt eat much, and then the day of the Wedding i was stuck for food (set menu) so had to have some rice ... I really didnt eat much though..

I tested using ketostix on Sunday when I got home and it was still showing I was in ketosis..

However now I am showing nada, not a hint of colour!

I've been on induction foods, due to the rice mishap.. Is this just a delayed response to the rice? I am not sure if a slip up instantly knocks you out.. Either way I am frustrated..

My breakfasts have been either MiMs or Ham and Egg

Lunch: left over dinners with salad

Dinners: Pork/chicken/lamb with veg

All under my 20g carbs a day..
Ive been drinking lots too.. Mostly weak squash...

NB: I've not had issues with MiMs causing stalls before, I only had 2 this week.

Can any one help?

Much gratitude in advance :)

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What veg are you eating? Leafy greens are good. I'd keep the MIM's for treats. I'm pretty certain the squash will contain citric acid. You could try a no sugar, malic acid alternative. (I like Sainsburys still flavoured water, the berry ones contain malic acid, not citric). You say you are drinking lots. Is this just water? Try and keep it to water. I like decaf tea (I know milk should be kept to a minimum, but I still have a bit, as I don't drink alot). It will just be trial and error, over time you will learn what your body can tolerate to keep you in ketosis, and what things stall you. I don't use ketostix at all, not used them for over 10 years. I'd rather listen to my body. Good luck xx


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I dont really have any words of wisdom - just wanted to let you know you're not alone. I've stalled pretty much for 2 months.

I'm on myfitnessspal now keeping track of everything. This week I've completely cut out all dairy. So sitting drinking a cup of tea with unsweetened soya milk.

Should maybe start logging your food intake on that? I think I was eating too much protein, which turns to carbs. So I'm trying my best to keep my protein in check.
It might be delayed water weight but all I can really say is to try not to worry about it too much. The 7lbs won't be 'real' weight -you'l shift that pretty quickly by keeping going and being strict with yourself. Or should you be as unfortunate as Claire has been (feel so sorry for that woman. :( ) then you should follow her example and just keep on trying til you find what best suits your body. I'd say you'll be fine and roaring downwards within a couple of weeks. Good luck!


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It could be the Mims, I was fine with them at first, then they stalled me, ditto cream and cheese - why not try cutting everything out except protein and leafy greens for a couple of days and see how you get on?


On a mission for boobs!
Thats what I'm trying to do. Just meat, eggs and veg with my compulsary mayo on the side. *cough* and some peanuts and pork scratchings *cough*


Clean green leafy machine
I'm going to order some of that Delouis mayo - no carbs - euraka! Bit £££ - £5.98 for 3 bottles from Amazon - hopefully it won't stall me 'cause I love my mayo! :)
ladyfelsham said:
I'm going to order some of that Delouis mayo - no carbs - euraka! Bit £££ - £5.98 for 3 bottles from Amazon - hopefully it won't stall me 'cause I love my mayo! :)
Oh let u's know what it's like :) I'm big into my Mayo too :) xx


On a mission for boobs!
I bought cheap lidl mayo (0.2g carbs per tablespoon or something) and it tastes very salad creamy. I hate salad cream!

I just have the extra carbs and have my helmans! :)
Hi as you can tell my weight loss with Atkins is a bit of a roller coaster. For no reason at all I came out of Ketosis for a couple of days. Then went back in.
As for a bit of rice, it will not account for the weight gain. Guess some people are lucky and lose plenty each week. Mine works out at an average of only a pound per week, but so what it is in the right direction, and I don't intend to ever eat "normally" again. In 12 weeks I will be at a weight I am happy with. stick with it and you will be fine.
I have got the new you new atkins book. published 2010. It says Flax seed it fine on induction. I use it as it stops me being bunged up. Also it states that caffeine in small amounts can boost weight loss. It is obviously more up to date than the 1973 one and makes me feel better as love my tea and coffee.


Clean green leafy machine
Got to do what works best for you in the long run Sue! :)
Thanks so much everyone for your replies!
I have no desire to stop eating this way.. I feel so much better!
I will go back to complete basics, fingers crossed things will get moving again!


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