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last diet.......EVER!!
Would some please help me as I am not sure if I am going mad!! LOL. I started the Attack stage 2 weeks last wednesday, for 10 days, & I lost a staggering 11 lbs (I was a very happy bunny; as this has never ever happened like this, even with all the diets that I have been on over the last 20 odd years!!) I have now been on the cruise phase for 4 - 5 days, doing everything perfect, even eating fish!! this is something I never went near, unless Tuna or dressed as a fish finger. Any way what I am getting around to is, why over the 2 - 3 days I am putting weight back on? No, it's not TOM (2 weeks ago)I can actually feel in on my clothes again?? I don't know what I am doing wrong, as I am following to the letter??????
Pease help!?:confused::cry:
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All totally normal, stick with it, you've lost water weight, everything you lose from now on will be actual fat. (See the post below yours, same thing happens to everyone).


** Chief WITCH **
Have you posted any menus? (I'm not looking for errors necessarily, I'm looking for SALT too!). As Wickedstepmum says, your loss is great and the introduction of veg/salad will cause a slight water gain. Are you alternating PV and PP days?

Tell us more...
Totally normal - in attack you lose water and prepare the body for cruise

Cruise is where the real weight is lost - real, solid fat.

In the first few days of cruise you may well regain a little water weight - but this will soon be overtaken by the fat loss.

Your "bounce" will probably seem a bit exagerated because you did so long on attack (Can I ask why you chose to do10 days? You probably only needed to do 3 or so)


last diet.......EVER!!

Hi, Thanks for all your replies, I did 10 days as I have quite a bit to shift/loose, I have genereally been eating 2 scambled for breaky, a miller light yoghurt mid morning, maybe another one in the afternoon. Dressed crab, tuna, prawns lean mince & chicken, along with crab sticks. On PV days I've restricted the veggies to about 1 - 1/2 table spoons & of course the oat bran pancakes. I drink approx 6-7 mugs of black de-caf coffee & 1 - 2 tins of coke zero a day (depending on the weather!!)
On the plus side I am sure my legs & bum have less celulite showing!! yipee!!!!
I look forward to your replies & advice:rolleyes:
I wondered about the attack phase as I started with the same BMI as you, and was advised to do 3 days, which proved to be enough.

It sounds to me as if you are not eating enough vegetables - they are unlimited on PV days.

You may also be eating too many muller lights - they are big tubs, and I general calculate each tub to the be the equivalent of 2 tolerated items.
I tend to mix mine with unflavoured yogurt to make them go much further.


Having another go....
are you using 2 egg yolks in your scrambled eggs? cos i think it says you can have one egg yolk a day with as many whites as you like -

also the muller lites have sugars in, i am now avoiding, and having greek no fat with splenda and essenses


Having another go....
but it also says you can only have 4 egg yolks a week....?
I'd cut out the Muller yoghurts altogether if you're worried about gaining/stalling as the definitely cause me to stall and if you can't cut out completely eating two per day is too much anyway, so at least cut down to one!
I usually don't worry too much about eggs and egg yolks, as long as there are no specific health conditions to consider . I tend to get through a pack of 9 in a week.

But 2 eggs for breakfast, plus the egg in the oatbran pancake would add up to 21 eggs a week - and that seems quite a lot.


** Chief WITCH **
YUM... I'm hopelessly distracted at the thought of "dressed crab". I must have some. YUM!

I totally missed the 10 days' attack! Good gracious me!


last diet.......EVER!!

Thanks for your replies, I understood the egg as unlimited, so long as you don't have colesteral problems?? I get them from a friend of mine who has her own chickens, they are so tasty.yum yum. In the oatbran I use just the white. I'll cut down on the muller lights though. As far as the veggies are concerned, I grow my own so they are super fresh (we sound like something from the good life!!)
I'll try eating more veggies though, as it probably works by the feast & famine method??
Thanks again


** Chief WITCH **
For the veggies, think 2/3 of your plate protein, 1/3 veg/salad.

For egg yolks, most people would never have had their cholesterol levels measured, so wouldn't necessarily know if they did have a problem I'm guessing. I advise you follow your own feelings (there's plenty of info out there which has nothing to do with this or any other diet. I make my own choices re egg yolks but many recipes here are fine with half the egg yolks listed as ingredients).

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