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Help :-(

Dont use your own scales they are all different - do you feel you have lost weight and what bout inches or how your clothes feel? It could be a retention of water, time of the month or constipation. It could simply be the time of day - loads of reasons - dont despair -you know it works - chuck the scales or hide them!!! ; )
Thank you ... I hope mine are wrong feel a but bloated not time of month ... Maybe bit constipation fingers crossed for a loss next week :-( I don't know what I'll do if I have a gain . Thank you for your advice x
S: 25st6lb C: 25st3lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 0st3lb(0.84%)
Keep positive babe scales at home are the work of the devil lol many a time I've had a full argument with mine it's best to stick to one set babe and if you know you're putting the effort in you'll get the results you deserve good luck back don't get disheartened get even lol show your scales who's boss x


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Don't panic - what matters is the number difference in weight on your cwpc's scales, the numbers themselves are almost irrelevant! It's similar to when you take your baby to be weighed - if they're not being weighed on the same scales you don't really know what the real difference is!

The beauty of cwp is it DOES work - there's no trying extra hard this week, it just works! Have faith in the plan and have faith in you too, I'm sure it's going as well as your consultant'sscales say!
Thanks sunflowers .... Somehow I have got hung up on not losing even though I have been good.... I have to say that as I was beginning my 3rd week my CDC said I could now have the choccy bars and also coke zero and if i am honest I feel all bloated and like I haven't lost anything since I have - is it in my mind or have I been ill advised or do u think maybe it's just because it maybe seems a bit more variety so seems like I am not so much on a diet ... I have 5-6 stone to lose and just want to do the best and quickest way I can. All advice greatly appreciated xxx hope all going well for you all xx
S: 14st11lb C: 10st2lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 26 Loss: 4st9lb(31.4%)
the bars have a bit more fibre in them so that might make you feel bloated plus any fizzy drink can do the same! also, you have got used to less now so you can feel full easier. if you're following the diet the weight MUST come off eventually so try not to stress.

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