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  1. Greenockgal

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    Lighter Life
    Hi guys, I'm in a real rut and I don't know what to do. I've been on LL since June and have lost 5.5 stone. I'm really pleased with this, and am now in a size 16, as opposed to 22/24 when I started.

    I have a goal of losing another stone and a half by the end of November, then I want to move on to Management, but I am really struggling. Every day for the last 2 weeks, I have lapsed in some shape or form, some days just a small nibble of chicken or ham, but last night a big roll with sausage in. I'm not even really enjoying it, but I just can't seem to stop.

    I am going to the gym 4 or 5 nights a week, which I am enjoying, but I just can't seem to get my head around just staying abstinent for the next 6 weeks or so to get to my target weight. I know my trigger time is between 5 and 7pm, so I'm trying to be at the gym then, but when I get home I really struggle.:(

    Has anyone got any ideas to help me?:confused: I don't want to undo what I have already done, and I know it would boost me to have a good loss, but last week I lost one pound, and I get weighed tomorrow night, and I have a feeling I'll either stay the same or put on a pound or so. Adult voice is telling me that the longer I laspe the further my target gets pushed away, but I just can't get my head in the right place!:cry::cry::cry:

    Thanksin advance xx
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    I can't speak from experience as I'm only in week 5 but how about trying to say to yourself if you just knuckle down and do it properly for this last 4 weeks you will be done in four weeks. If you carry on as you are you will take longer to get to your goal and will cause yourself more mental misery in the process.
    Go back to basics. One day at a time. Get through today without eating then tomorrow get through tomorrow.

    Easier said then done right?

    Hopefully someone who has been through it can give you some good advice.
  4. Greenockgal

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    Lighter Life
    Thanks Dancing, I think a lot of it is to do with the weather too, I think I'm just a grumpy mare today with the rotten weather!!:rolleyes:
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    The same thing happened to me when I got to about a size 16 GG. I just wasn't as 'desperate' as when I first started at a size 30 and it was as if I was happy to settle for 'not quite goal'.

    But don't settle for that ... I became complacent (a nightmare 6 hormonal months after a Depo Provera jab didn't help either) and before I knew it, 4st had slapped right back on.

    Then I became desperate enough again to retread the same dam*ed path I'd already walked just 6 months before! So don't wait until you become desperate ... take a deep breath and get to where you intended to go. Wishing you lots of luck because I know it's not easy but pull that last bit of determination out of the hat - it'll be worth it!
  6. Eileen

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    Slimming world.
    Im having the very same struggles as you, i have another stone too lose, im finding it hard not too nibble, i lost 1.8 pounds last night, i know i could have done a lot better.Ill be watching this thread as i need answers too.
  7. Mrs Lard

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    Hi Greenockgal

    It's definitely the weather. I have underestimated how much of a trigger bad weather can be! How about some thought records and also, jump over to the Highs and Lows of Development thread, started by Tiger Girl? You will certainly find some kindred spirits over there.

    One final thing, which comes from our LLC - we tend to get frustrated/scared/disheartened when we look far into the future but really, when it comes down to it, all you can control is the here and now. The scales will take care of themselves if you follow the programme. The other thing is that the final stone is always the slowest (there's been some chat on here about that - mine definitely was - with some lapsing thrown in for good measure) and that's when you need to be really strong mentally.

    I'm not sure if this helps but I hope it does a little.

    You've done so well, you're going through emotions that others (including me) have gone through.

    I wish you much luck for the final push. You CAN do it!!

    Take care.

    Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx
  8. Greenockgal

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    Lighter Life
    Thanks guys, I'm sat here at work, and as it's bucketing down and I've had a stinking migraine all day, I was just thinking, sod it, I won't go to the gym after work, I'll go home, get in my jammies and order a takeaway!!:eatdrink023::eatdrink051:

    NOOOOO! I need to get my sorry ass up that gym to try and work off some of the lapsing before tomorrow night's weigh in!!:character00115::character00115::character00115:

    Thanks again guys, you've really helped today, if I can get through today without lapsing, then hopefully I'll feel as though I've turned a corner!

    I was sooo totally planning on lapsing, i even took a piece of scottish square sausage out of my freezer (can't get it here where I live, so it's some I brought back from a trip up the road) and I was going to have it - BUT - at this moment in time it's going to go straight in the bin when I get home!!!:scale::busted:
  9. Lulabelle

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    Lighter Life
    Hi Greenockgal
    You have had some sound advice, so good luck.
    I recently had a rough week, and with a great deal of support and encouragement (and a stern talking to) from my LL counsellor, I realised I was treating LL purely as a diet. In fact I hadn't really done any of my 'homework'. If you wrote a letter to yourself in week 3, revisit it. If you didn't do it (like me!), do it. I found it really powerful and motivating stuff.
    Keep up the good work, and don't let your demons drag you back. You and your goals are more important than the temporary pleasure of square pie!
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