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On 4th day of SSing, till this evening stuck to it constantly. Was so hungry I had a small piece of chicken,brocalli & small amount of pickled red cabbage - Have I undone all the good work I have put in. Will be back on SSing tomorrow, but surely a small amount of what I eat ever now & again (say a fews days at a time) can't hurt - can it??????????:confused:

Still drinking about 3-4 litres a day.

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I'm not sure really.. I guess if it was a small amount it might not have brought you out of ketosis, but I don't thinking jumping in and out of ketosis all the time is very good for you. Why don't you try the add a meal and see how you get on with that? It's still a lot less calories than your body is used to :D


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For me day 4 and 5 of SS were the most difficult :sigh: - if you are still feeling hungry it may be that you have not dropped into ketosis but if you are on day 4 hopefully the K-fairy will be taking up residence very soon :).

The good news is that although you have eaten you have stuck to foods that are low in carbs so it is unlikely you have undone all the good work you have put in ;).

In an ideal world we would all stick to SS 100%, however this is not always possible and if you do feel you need to eat it is best to try and stick to the food types and amounts from aam as this is unlikely to throw you out of ketosis.

The first week is really tough Mandy but it is just a matter of battling on and once you are into ketosis you will be fine :cool:.


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I wouldn't worry about it too much, the food you have eaten you can do on 790, so it shouldn't of knocked you out of ketosis if you were in it. But if you were hungry then you may not have been in ketosis yet... keep up the water intake and get back on that horse...



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it wont do you any harm hun so dont stress. xx on one of my many CD tries, i did my first week with 4 add-a-meal days and 3 SSing days and still shifted over 7lbs. your cheating was rather good kinda cheating in that its compliant with AAM or 790 (unless u ate 4 chickens and a whole bag of broc :) )

take the pressure off urself by thinking that if things get too hard, u will treat urself to an AAM. it really worked for me as it took the forbidden eliment away and I actually stopped picking and felt i didnt need the "treat". however, if u do have an AAM, u wont feel you've failed as it was allowed in the first place. might not be what u want to do but it worked for me so just passing it on. either way, dont beat urself up and have a fab week. xxx
Don't stress over it. At least it wasnt chocolate!
Dont think youve undone all your hard work with one tiny little blip, keep that water down you and you'll see the weight fly off. The second week is plain sailing compared to week 1, i promise.

mwah xxx

Hi All
Sorry not replyed till now blasted internet went down as soon as I sent the orginal post. Thanks for all your replys - I am eating small amounts of the food listed that I can have & 2 shakes, think thats right (CD said still should have 3 but really don't feel I need it - day 7 now feel ok).
Went into work today (on maternity leave) everyone keep saying how good I look & how much weight I'd lost !!!!!!!!! Makes you feel on a high.
Get weighted tomorrow - will post the results.
Hope everyone is well.



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I think they tell you to have 3 because you need all the vitamins and minerals that are in the 3 even though you are having small amounts to eat... hunny you need to look after yourself, I know you feel OK but you really do need to have the 3..

Hope you don't mind me saying... you keep at it and it will come off...

Hi Nikki
No of couse I don't mind babe, just thought it might be my CDC trying to get more money (bless). Can you take multi vitiams instead of the 3rd one.

will let everyone know how I go on - well excited he he


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
S: 16st10lb C: 16st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I don't think you can take any additional vitamins on this diet, as you are supposed to get it all from the shakes or bars...

Good luck for your weigh in...


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