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I dont think any of you can help me but I have lost all motivation. I am barely having my packs.

I am not cheating enormously. My stomach is still so small but im not doing the diet at the moment. I amd rinking a glass of diet coke a day. I had some minature heroes yesterday. I had some chicken today. I am not eating my packs and im eating meat. Im not loading up on sugar and carbs (apart from the heores) and I've lost all motivation.

I'm in a kind of limbo between cheating and giving up, and just getting on and doing it. I have already been and picked up my packs for the next week saying that I was working so I cant go to the weigh in. I know I havent lost any this week either.

I'm feeling down. The motivation ahs gone and I feel really depressed.
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First I would like to say - I love reading your post there always upbeat, funny and motivational.

Reading the above post and from knowing you normally through your posts - I think your just having a bad few days darling.

I dont know whats going on with me either - as I keep eating choclate also! So dont feel alone there are others feeling your pain - I just cant help it. I dont know why but i keep picking. I had choc buttons last week, choc at the weekend and 3 squares last night and i cant stop myself. But i do get back on the wagon right away. And seem to be over it. (we'll see tonight!).

What worries me is you saying your in limbo of cheating and giving up - cheating is ok - its not great but ok - giving up is not an option Dave, you have done sooooooo well look at your ticker - is it really worth giving up now? when you have come this far?.

What also concerns me - is you not going to group. That is what will keep you motivated. Even though you dont think you have lost - why dont you re-consider going to group? I think it might be the support you need and a kick start again? Even to just talk about how you feel.

Also think about how good you feel now - rememeber the girl that winked at you at your xmas party and said about your weight loss and you looking hot... How good did that feel? Also the fact that you did eat and drink but controlled your food intake on the night? How good are you!

A massive positive to take from how you feeling right now - is that even tho you are feeling like giving up and have eaten - you made WISE food choices! Bar a few celebrations... So being logical - your realtionship with food has changed dramatically and you are arming yourself and already have some of the tools you need to keep this weight off and be slim forever. So with all that in mind and all your hard work and the fact that you are changing whats going on in your head- is it worth giving up?

How much are you aiming to lose Dave? Are you near goal?
Dont worry we all in minis will help you get through these dark days.

Massive hug

Peanut xxxxx

P.s go and chuck the celebrations away!
Don't give up!!!Do you think you're maybe feeling a bit blase about it as you've done so well so far?Or are you maybe a little worried about losing weight?More attention etc?I could be totally off base with these but it sounds like you're trying to justify giving up by not going to group and telling the LLC what's going on.Stop the diet coke...it's not allowed on LL and it could be what's causing food cravings (I haven't dared try it on CD as I know that before when I used to drink it, I always used to eat more afterwards).Why don't you make a pact with yourself that you will just stick to it for one more week.Or even one more day?And then the next and the next?Get some friends on here to text you every hour if need be to keep you going.Distract yourself with something rather than food.Look at photos of you before and now-I bet you can see a difference!!Don't give up!!!
Awww, Dave - don't give up! What happened? There must have been something that started this. Why did you suddenly feel like eating rather than staying on the plan? Are you depressed about diet/weight issues, or something else entirely? (not trying to pry - you don't have to say what it is).

Of course, you're a grownup and make your own decisions, but if it were me, I know I'd feel worse if I quit the diet, just guilty and wretched. At the moment, when things go badly I can think 'well at least I'm getting thinner, at least my weight loss is going well even if everything else is messed up.'

Big hugs, Dave, whatever you decide.:patback:
Sorry you are having such a tough time dietwise at the moment. It can be very tough when you dont loose much if any weight. I hope your motivation comes back and you are happy again with the diet.
If you do decide to stop have a look at the atkins diet. It works on the same principle of ketosis but you are eating meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables and some fruits.
Dont give up Dave, youre doing really well so far.

If your motivation has gone, what part of it has gone, the motivation and enthusiasm with LL or your motivation to lose weight. If its the former then theres no shame in admitting your diet isnt the one for you, there are so many more out there that might be more in keeping with what you really want.

DONT give up on your quest to lose weight. You KNOW you can do it. We're all here to help *HUGS*
Dave think about how foxy you will be when you get to target weight! Isn't that worth a little pain now?

Try group again - or try another group?

Keep going hun - I'd miss you if you didn't post.

[[[hugs to Dave]]]]]]
Dig deep and refocus you have come so far and would be really disappointed with yourself if you started to gain. Tomorrow is another day, do your best to get back on track.


Back to the grindstone!!
You have done so well! But abstinance is the name of the game and it does work and you know it does.
They way I look on it when I am having a wobble, and we all do at some point, is how will I feel in two months time if I give up now? Will I be happy about it or will I be annoyed with myself for having given up? Where would I be weight wise in two months had I stuck to the plan?
These questions usually put me on the straight and narrow because I know that I would not be happy with myself and that I would have learnt nothing.
At the end of the day only you can decide what is best for you. Perhaps you need to take a month off and then come back to it when you head is in a better place. It is a difficult time of year and the weather doesn't help.
I wish you all the very best and you have already lost 30lbs which is a massive step in the right direction and remember those winks and nice comments from the ladies!!!!
All the very best in whatever you decide, stick around and where is the next bit of that book!!!??? I am hooked, it's really good!!!!
Hi Guys n Girls,

Thanks for the support. I am back on the abstinence. I spoke to my other half last night about it. Well no that's a lie. Why do I try lying about it. I didn't speak to my other half. I told her I lost the weight (1lb) and that it had been a bad week. I kind of talked to myself about why I was having a bad one and how I was going to fix it.

I did miss group. I got my packs and paid my money. I couldn't face the guys knowing they had all done so well and I hadn't. It's a bit selfish I know, but I am the loudest and happiest one at group and if I went in there the same mood as I was feeling they'd be on my case about why I am sad and I didn't want to talk about it.

I am determined to get a good 4 lbs off this week to kick-start me back on the right track. I promised my counsellor I wasn't losing grip even though I was. But now I think I am heading in the right direction. Due to last week I am not in Ketosis and probably wont be until tomorrow, maybe Friday. But once in there ill be chewing through the chub like a tramp through special brew.

I think the main thing that has got me back on the straight and narrow is the comments. My other half doesn't throw too many my way and to be honest I dont want her to. Her actions speak louder than words when I comes to me. It's the people at work that are starting to turn. One of my co-workers last night talked to me as we walked back to my car and she was saying how everyone in her department was commenting on it and how I was looking much healthier. It cheered me up.

Steve, I am editing the next chapter (so normal people understand my ramblings) this morning and I'll post it on my blog.

Yayyy! Go you! We all have periods of doubt and misery from time to time, but it's how you deal with it that makes a difference, and it sounds as if you've come out the other side.

Don't beat yourself up for being a bit reticent about talking to people about this stuff, by the way. Some people just are more private than others. I don't share much with my group either, though I feel I should, as I often learn things when other people talk about their issues. But there's no set way to do this journey, and we all need to deal with things in our own ways if we are really going to change ourselves into the thin people we want to be, and intend to remain. Fantastic to hear you're on your way again!
I read this yesterday and was gunna post!!! ... But i was having a bad day and thought my comments probably wouldnt help the situation!!!

Glad your back on track Dave, I remember you being one of the first people who replied to one of my first posts when I started LL (and joined MMs!) so you have to stay around!!! (that sounds selfish, sorry!! :rolleyes:!

Atleast you know, that next time ur having a bad patch, come on here and you'll get the support u need!! Hope ur feeling better - you'll be back in ketosis in no time! x
That is brilliant you got over your hiccup. You have done so well, and it must be such a long hard slog.. but think of the amazing end results!! You sound a lovely guy.. I'm new to this board, but look forward to getting to know you better over the coming months :) I am here for the longhaul!!


Gotta Make A Change
Dave Mate Good to hear your over the hiccup :) just kick a** on this diet and when you see the results yourself you'll be like wow 2 months ago i was this not look at me i should be on Britains next top model :p haha anyways bud wishing you the best with the LL journey and we shall by the power of MINIMINS support you throughout the journey :)
I can relate to the loss of motivation as I'm kinda going through the same thing at the moment. Partly because it's cold and I feel like crap today but also because I can't completely put my finger on why I want to achieve the weight loss. There is also part of me which doubts I can ever live without the sugar rush addiction which seems to have been my main problem.

However, I have been good the last couple of days and I will be much happier with myself tomorrow if I resist all urges. I have already made a plan in my head of the things I want to get done this evening so that I will be distracted by achieving things rather than self destructing.
Oh dear - sorry you feel so bad! It's interesting that you aren't sure why you want to lose the weight - what prompted you to start LL in the first place?

You may well find you lose the sugar rush urge, though. Lots of people have said here (and I'm starting to find this to be true) that your tastes change when you come through the whole LL system - I'm really talking about the end bit of the diet and then the Management part. It'll be interesting to try to create new, healthier habits, and if you really want to defeat it, I bet you can.

Good for you to distract yourself, though. If you choose the right activities you might even warm up! I cleaned the bathroom today (always a favourite...) and got nice and warm, partly through the physical exertion and partly through fury at having to do it!

Keep up the good work; you're doing great!

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