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I have been on a diet since the 16th Jan 07 and so far (at my last weigh in on Tuesday) I had lost 14.5lb. I only have another 27.5 to go. This week I jumped ship and swapped to the W8 plan, as I was desperate to eat. I have been very disciplined and eaten EXACLTY what it says I am allowed (even weighed out the chicken to make sure it was 3oz) and have stayed in ketosis.

HOWEVER. I am so so so fed up of this now! :cry:My whole day seems to be dominated by thoughts of food/dieting...I cannot comprehend being on this plan for another 8 weeks. I don't feel like I have lost anything this week, though I did notice my jeans were looser...I feel so low about it, but if I give up I know I will feel like such a failure and my bf and parents will say "see I told you that you didn't have the willpower"...And they would be right, because I have a confession to make!! I got so desperate for the taste of something truely sweet that I ate a WHOLE GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!!!:break_diet: It wasn't built but I was stuffing it in and chewing and swallowing and it felt sooooo good. Then I thought about my weigh in and decided to take action and use laxitives to help (I needed them anyway, but took an extra one to compensate for the disgusting amount of sugar in my body). I know I am potentially damaging my body, but I wanted to rectify what I had done.

Sorry for being all depressive on a saturday night, but I realy just want to quit. Even thoughts of a skinn bikini aren't helping, I feel that right now I would rather have a creme egg than be thin....

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Hi Courtney - firstly I've got to say about the damage you are doing to your body and your mind by bingeing and then taking laxatives. I've never actually done this so don't know first hand the problems that it can cause but I can hazard a guess that they're not good.

I can't help you choose whether you should/can diet like this - only you know that..... I know though that my days aren't dominated by the food thoughts as I simply can't have any, so I do find abstaining easier than I would some other diets.

If you have less than 2 stone to go would you not find it easier to do weightwatchers? I know that it will take longer to lose than it would on LL say (2 months) but if you feel that you have to have food then this may fit into your life better.

Good luck with the decisions you make - but please don't go down the laxative route xx
Courtney my opinions are often criticised by girls on this site and maybe you may find what i say harsh but i believe in my methods.

I have been on the diet for roughly the same time as you and maybe have some advice for you not using the same old cliches that will be thrown up again and again to struggling members on this forum.

To succeed in this diet for you will be tough but i believe people can change and you have the ability to change who you are!
You will let everyone down and most importantly yourself if you can not obtain the discpline levels that you wanted to achieve by starting your diet.

you need to start getting in tough for 8 weeks regular food is not an option there is no other food. Take it in steps and achieve your goal stay so focused and determined no one can stop you, you have the chance to not be the loser you think you are if you can accept the onyl thing that is stopping you completing this is your mind.

It is you that can change so you can stick this diet out for the next week then push on from there.

YOur whole mind set has to change and you need to get serious otherwise go back to being fat and unhappy.
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Now see Lucas - you assume too much. ;) I actually agree with everything you have said, and this time you have said it in a much more supportive manner. That makes all the difference. It IS all about our minds. And that is what is keeping me on the straight and narrow - sheer mind power.

Getting you head around this, and committing is asolutey essential to have success. There is no doubt about that Courtney. You have got to commit, 110% perecent. And before I forget - please STOP with the idea you can correct a bad day with laxatives - that is so unhealthy, and only provides a very minimal amount of reperation! Very dangerous!!!! I implore you to not get in the habit of that ASAP foryou own health!! :)

Do not let others praise or "I told you so's" get in the way. If you are doing this extreme diet, make sure you are doing it for YOU. If you are doing it for ANY other reason, you will struggle.

How I cope with this is every day I tell myself Failure is NOT an option. When food thoughts creep in my mind, I HAVE to shake them off. Get up and do something different. Take your mind of it. That is down to you - and you can do it.

Postivie attitidue, I feel is more essential then will power. Will power will follow naturally once you have committed your mind to that fact that you are going to endure a bit of discomfor for a SHORT period of time. Then, you will relearn your eating patterns, and you WILL eat again. Food is not being taken away from you forever. Just think about how long it took you to gain the weight.....years right? Well, you are looking at months to get rid of it. Just a few months. Probably less teh 1% of your life. You can do it!! Just really refocus YOUR thouhgts - not your BFs or his parents - their thoughts DO NOT MATTER. Only yours - this is your journey, and if you put yourmind to it, you WILL succeed.

Tell yourself every single day you are in it to win it and failure simply is NOT an option.

You can do it, if you want it badly enough. We all struggle, and face those thoughts, but we have to be stronger then them...they are simpy thoughts. Shalke them off, head down, and power through.

Good luck hon. Remeber - positve thinking!! All day, everyday. xx
Good Morning.

Firsty, let me re-iterate I TOTALLY understand the dangers of Laxative abuse and so do not want to go down that route. I really do not know what I was thinking!!! :eek:

Secondly, thanks to those of you who have replied...I know I want to do this, I am feeling a lot more positive this morning (though I may not after my WI in an hour!!! eeeeek) and want to carry on. I need to stay strong and do this for me.

Thanks again

C xx
Hi Courteny - and I am gonna swear

Those freking words "you do not have any will power". Dont they realise we are bigger because we have problems. I have "Will power", in my life I have suceeded with so many things because of my iron will to suceeed but when it comes to losing weight where is it?:wave_cry: The bloody thing "Will power" has deserted me. I dont know why and a really dont care all I know that I need help to get through this because I dont have the "Will Power" (oh god I hate that word). I much prefer determination, effort, commitment than that awful work "Will Power". In my next life I am gonna be a scientist and invent "WILL POWER TABLETS":D

You can do this but dont listen to anyone who says you cant for any reason. It is you who are in charge of your own destiny, but dont forget you may need some help along the way and you have done the right thing coming on here and admitting your mishaps. You have at least acknowledged the fact that you are struggling and can ask for help. Good for you. Some of us will need a great deal of help to get to the end of this journey, me included.

So chin up good luck and remember you dont need "Will power" what you need is a POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE - there now isnt that a lot nicer than will power.:D
I so agree about the word 'willpower'. We don't eat because we have no willpower. We eat because at some point, we conditioned ourselves to respond to things that have an emotional impact by eating. It is no easier to train yourself not to eat after years of overeating than it would be to undo toilet training at this age - it's become second nature (but it CAN be done).

If it takes an extra 3500 calories to put on an extra pound of fat, even the entire gingerbread house hasn't ruined it for you. Sure, you're out of ketosis, but the game isn't over yet. I hate to use clichés, but change is not an event - it's a process. If you think about what made you want to eat that gingerbread so badly in the first place, you've got some great armour for round two...

Take care of yourself,

Courtney my opinions are often criticised by girls on this site and maybe you may find what i say harsh but i believe in my methods.

Lucas - for you further info - I am a fully grown woman not a girl and no girls should be posting here.

You are being rather disingenuous - I have not seen your opinions criticised it's more your method of delivery. You were particularly harsh to Claire and you accused posters of something they did not do.

As you are so fond of home truths I am sure I won't offend you and it wouldn't do for us all to be the same.

Happy posting

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