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I have been lurkin for months now...as I messed up bigtime!!
Just to recap I lost a load of weight on CD...got within 2st of goal....the put some back on, joined LL so i could get the counselling Lost some, then stopped dieting altogether for a while...I managed to keep my weight stable for a long time then after a rough time at the end of last year I have put back on everything in less than 6 months!!!
I rejoined LL as when I went back to CD every week at weigh in I was goin up!!
I have been back with LL for the last 5 weeks...and have not managed one complete day until Monday gone...I am now on Day 4...for the first time in I dont know how long!!!
Heres the problem I am weakening I just went to the kitchen opened the oven and nearly took out some food to eat...i quickly assessed the situation...and mixed a shale and downed some water-my chatterbox is goin mad as I type!! HELP!!
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Oh Bless you Red. I can hear your struggle in your post.

First of all - relax - you are addressing the issue. I would suggest you find some quiet time and really assess why you are wanting to lose weight, and why you are not allowing yourself too. Only you can keep you from abstaining, no one else. Or nothing else - it's always your choice. So something is going on at some level, either consciously or subconsciously - and I believe until you face what that is you are going to struggle.

You need to set your mind in gear, just like you did before. You know you can do this, and that it works, because it has for you before.

When you get those crazy urges - why not leave the house for a bit. Weather is getting beautiful. Take a walk, or walk through town and window shop, look at the new clothes you can see yourself wearing later. Or pamper yourself - a hot soak, lotions and potions.....just soak in a hot tub and have a good think about how badly you want this.

It just sounds like your battery needs recharging, and you can do that if you want to.

Hang in there - you are in the right place for support.

Just keep telling yourself you CAN get through one day . Then you say you CAN get through two days. Then 5 - a week - before you know it a month has passed. Just draw a line, take control and go for it.

Thats my advice.

Aw hunny, welcome back. The chatterbox is a right pain in the ar$e isn't it, I am trying to SS (4 days so far, but not 100%) and have given up smoking too (17 days so far, but it is getting easier). Keep your "determined" head on and get through the first few 100% days and you will be flying again hun xxx
Hi Red I'll be honest when I say that there is only you that can do this - after losing weight and stopping last year I did the trying again thing and it didn't work. I then took a break and came back with a now or never - 6 months out my life attitude and I've got to say it feels as good as it did when I did Foundation the first time. Been fully abstinent since Jan 7th - I do believe that your head has got to be in the right place though.

Saying that, you're now on Day 4, you're posting in here to enable people to support you - your head could now be in that place.



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Thanx guys for all ur replies...sorry I havent posted sooner...but u may have guessed I caved in and have eaten a loada crap for the last 3 days!!
I feel like I have really let myself down - but this time I am not going to let it consume me...I have returned to the gym and already done a spin class...the first in over a year! and will begin training for the race for life on Saturday 19th July 2008!!!

Wish me luck!!
Good luck Red and well done for doing the spin class, hats off to you!!

You CAN do this xxxx
Wow Red you deserve a fanfare for putting yourself through a spin class and surviving - I've only ever been to one taster session and really believe it to be a modern day torture treatment ;)


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Thanks Porgeous!!!:)

Ha Ha Katie...Ive just come in from another class...it was hard believe me and at 21st its even harder!!:eek::eek:

I am havin a non carb day today to ease me back into abstinence...Ideally I wanted to carry on today but as soon as I left the gym I felt myself being tempted...so I curbed it with a high protein meal and salad....my counsellor wont be pleased but Id rather do that that than outright binge!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a good Day 1 again!!:rolleyes::rolleyes:
Keep going Red, I am struggling too so you are not alone.

Remember you will suceed if you never give up. Giving up if failing, but keep trying in suceeding.

I just feel good cause I went shopping and only bought stuff for the family, doing it hour by hour.

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