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Hi guys,im so fed up ,i want to lose this weight so badly (im 14st 7)but the problem is i suffer with fatigue due to medication for leukaemia,one day im fine and full of the joys of spring then the next im so tired i can hardly motivate myself to do anything and the diet goes out the window.I went to butlins last year and i was so horrified at the pics i said i was defo gonna lose weight for my hols in june and guess what im heavier this year than i was last.Has anyone any tips on how to gat through my bad days,my mood really does change when the fatigue kicks in.You know guys i go on everyday about my weight and never once do i complain about having cancer,mad isnt it ,one thing i can do something about and cant do and the cancer i cant and just get on with it,anyway ,hope your all doin well luv kat
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Hi Kat, great to hear that you are "getting on with it" and we all have our bad days. I'm frustrated too at the mo as my mum, dad and husband are all losing weight like nobodys business and Im stuck with 2lb a week - trying sooooo hard! I guess you just gotta keep going and realise that if you are feeling sick then its not just a case of feeling sorry for yourself. How about giving yourself an incentive? Maybe if you are having a really crappy day keep a special treat (within your syn allowance of course ;-) Or teach someone to make your favourite meal and get them to make it for you! Hope these ideas are of some use to you. x


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Kat - not doing SW, but read your post and realised although I moan about my weight etc, I have my health. ((HUGS)) to you at dieting at such a difficult time.

Make sure you "treat" yourself with plenty of non-food luxuries on your tired days.

Nanny Jax

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Hi Kat, I really sympathise with you Hun, it's bad enough trying to lose weight as it is, without having to deal with other problems on top! I am really rubbish at giving advice because I always worry in case I say something wrong, and I would just hate for that to happen cos of course i am ALWAYS right lol, the only thing I can suggest is put one of last years pics that you dislike on the fridge, and one on the food cupboard, and plan plan plan so that when a day comes around that you are feeling tired at least your days choices will have been made already, hope this helps chick x


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Jax is right, use the pics you dislike as a tool. You say you complain more about the one thing you CAN control - That's WHY you complain about it, because you can do something you are kicking yourself cus you're not. I don't know what the medication you are on is like but I have been on stuff that made me like a zombie and it's horrible to feel like you can't be bothered and it does have a disasterous affect on diets. If you need comfort foods when you have your tired days do what Bubblesqueak said and keep a separate supply of lower Syn snacks that hit the spot.

PS. I'm not going to patronise you by commenting on your condition, I admire the fact that you haven't mentioned it before now. You have cancer but it's not WHO you are x
thanks for all your replys ,some gud advice there.Right i feel good today so im gonna plan my meals in a mo.I am well in myself guys its just side effects of the meds but its keeping me goin and i always say 'ive got it ,its not got me'
thanks chicks,
luv kat


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Kat, do you have some friends that live close by? You could ask them to come round when you are having a bad day and tell them not to let you have anything you shouldn't!
I do taz,my mum only lives 5 mins away,My husband does try to help me but hes always eating choc and cakies and hes like a rake,lol.I do feel ok today so im gonna come on here every hr if it keeps me on the wagon.thanks taz
luv kat:)


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Hi hun I'm glad your feeling motivated today. You said you have your up and down days could you not on your good days make some filling but low syn meals and put them in the freezer to have on your bad days. Also maybe use flexi syns, on your good days try not to use your syns and use them on your bad days then you will not feel so bad on your bad days if that makes sense.

P.S I think you are one amazing person to be sticking to SW while you have Leukemia. I cant say how I would react if it was me but I could only imagine that I would not stick to it your so fab.:)
Thanks sonban,im going to shopping today get loads of free food and make some soup,quorn chillie etc.When i get tired i just cant think but todays a fresh start.thanks guys your a great support,:)
luv kat


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I do taz,my mum only lives 5 mins away,My husband does try to help me but hes always eating choc and cakies and hes like a rake,lol.I do feel ok today so im gonna come on here every hr if it keeps me on the wagon.thanks taz
luv kat:)
Mr Taz is the same. He eats ice cream by the bucket-load and he just went to Tesco to get some and came back with chocolate for me!
Chocdrop - i find keeping a stash of sin-free meals i've made in advance on the freezer is great for days when you're not in the mood for dieting. As it's alreadt there I don't have to think about it, and if I want to pig out and have several of the meals then it's still sin-free so I can do. And if I still want to pig out after that then at least i'm full so a small treat is usually enough and within my sins for the day.
I made a massive quorn lasane (the recipe was in one of the stickies) and ate a quarter of it, then cut the remaining bit into 3 portions and froze them all seperately. I'm going to have some when I get in from work tonight. I also do the same with quorn shepherds pie and chilli.
Taz, I usually make quorn chilli, quorn spag bol, vegetable lasagne, risotto (mushroom or butternut squash), chicken or beef casserole's, vegetable curry's, shepherds pie is also good but I haven't made that for a while.

Whatever I make, I do a huge batch and absolutely stuff it full of vegetables - it's also good when it's just before pay day and i'm out of fresh vegetables as it still means i get loads of free foods into my day.

Think my freezer is breaking though, so I might have to eat a lot over the next few days!
Oh and soup freezes very well, but i melted my £5 handblender! (tip: turn the hob off before you blend the soup!)
Just make sure that if you let rice cool and freeze it or keep it in the fridge that you really heat it up properly before you eat it. Rice which has not been properly heated to kill all the bacteria is one of the major causes of food poisoning.


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I have a few food hygeine certificates and the regrowth rate for bacteria on rice is scary! I probably would freeze the curry but prepare the rice from fresh as it doesn't take that long.
oh i can't cook rice (other than in a risotto) so i buy the tesco frozen pouches of rice - 4 mins and it's done better than i could ever do it!

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