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weighs a lot less
if you havent cheated it could be a faulty stick or this late in the day the water you have been drinking could have diluted it ,dont panic hun redo in the morning xx
Aww Im gutted!! I check my ketosis every morn and nite, thats wot keeps me goin!! Ha!! I have ate some protein over the weekend so I suppose you could class that as cheating. I was wondeing why I feel so hungry and miserable today!!


weighs a lot less
if nibbling has knocked you out then you will soon be back in ,its not worth cheating ,bloody toothpaste knocked me out,im sure you will be back in ketosis before you know it hun xx


weighs a lot less
i have cheated and it does no good just takes longer to get there,ive just restarted as the doc took me off as i had a chest infection,its not the easy way doing LT but it bloody works and fast,you can do this dont give up:grouphugg:
Its a brilliant diet and I have been chuffed with the results!! No more nibbling for me its just not worth it. The pharmacy told me if you were really desperate to have a small amount of protein!! Off the Record advice of course!! Im sure 2mrw will be a better day, Thanx for ure advice. x


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I ate 3oz of fish and couple sprigs of broccli at a wedding towards the end of my 3rd wk on tfr and I stayed in ketosis but it does make you hungry the next day alright and it slowed down my loss for that wk. Test again in the morn as your urine is most concentrated, as lillie said its prob very diluted with all the water you have been drinking.
I've hit a bit of a low today - ate 3 crisps and a slither (1cm) of pizza - I feel so guilty. I won't do it again. Keep at it NiNiE - people on here like lillie are so inspiring. xx

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