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stick with it hun you will be in ketosis soon x


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oh yes!!!!!! i havent eaten for 44 days dont feel hungry at all x


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i know i feel great though and am over the halfway mark
Paula, once you are in ketosis the hunger pangs will go - I promise! Hang in there and you can get through this. Just think how great you'll feel on your first WI.

It's been 79 days for me and I need to have my last shake - don't feel hungry at all!

food is for fatties and LT is for losers!
I did 175 days and Im still living, its easy once ketosis kicks in, sure you could eat but thats where you find how strong your will power is so be prepared to dig those heals in here and there xxx


Getting closer everyday
Im only on day nine but im digging them hills in! ive got determination and a whole lot of stubborness to prove all those people that said i cant do it, wrong!!! keep at it girl u'll be fine and leah that loss is outstanding in such a short time!! well done x
on sunday in the canteen at work they had put scones in the oven my workmates watched until the moment they came out bought some and let me smell them before they ate them Mmmmm.

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