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Dose any one know were you can get these psyllium husks from ?? think i need them, have just toook some laxtolose but its got fructose in and worried it might kick me out of ketosis ? any one know anything pls pls :confused:
Wannabethinner was saying that Movicol is very good as it is gentle and does not take you out of ketosis if you are now constipated.

Ducolax works but you have to be careful not to take too is fine and wait 24 hours.

Psyllium husks can be bought online Nutrition - Psyllium - Find, Compare, and Buy at

You might be able to get them in your local chemist.

Russiandoll would know where to buy them as she uses them.

Hope that helps.
Here you go

Had my last lot from there and just ordered another one.

They wont affect you, and were ones I saw on one of Russiandolls threads.

I use mine to mix in my morning shake, and it makes a nice readibrek type mixture. Yummy. I kid you not its really nice and am so missing it at the moment. Hope my new one turns up soon.

Deb x
Here are a couple of useful links for info

For the powder, this is a good site

If you prefer the idea of capsules then Holland & Barrett do them &CID=15&Page=4

I buy mine from GNC because I have a Gold card and get discount.
Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Products online at GNC

Hope this helps!

If you need recipes on how to make the husks into porrige with your shake or how to make a thick broth, then just shout.
(Don't have them in water like they suggest - it's just plain nasty!! lol)
what flavour shake would be best to make the porrige out of sound good and filling lol
Vanilla is fab - but my fave is toffee & walnut :D YUM!
Hubbie has PH is a hot chocolate in a mug each morning. They are nice as mentioned with warm toffee and walnut but really most are suitable you could try vanilla with cinnamon on the top bet that's nice!

Dizzy x
I usually sprinkle cinnamon on mine - and you're right ... it's lovely! Makes a gorgeous winter warmer!
I had it with hot choc mint mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Lactulose is a sugar syrup so may kick you out of ketosis x
cheers i did wonder that as it has frutose, have now got some husk stuff so will stope that, just didnt want to get blocked up again it hurt so much it still painfull, frightend to go now lol, so could some one explane how to make how do you make the porrage pls many thanks xx
Give russiandoll a PM, she is the PH queen and makes a wicked porridge Im sure she will be on here soon but if she misses just drop her a line x
I enjoy mine with cappucino flavour - I have it for breakfast and in my funny old head I feel like I've had a coffee and porridge....hey you know, whatever gets you through!