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help :(

im just back on lt after a 3 week break , last week i noticed my hair coming out , but now it is really shedding , does it only happen when going back eating? will it stop now that im back on lt , i hope so , its scary to think it will keep coming out
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look in the lipo reffeding forum theres a post there about hair. i posted a link to an article have a read.


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i did lipotrim for 14wks and noticed that the hair loss was really bad when i started on the maintainance. i lost about 70% of my hair, and i must say it was distressing at the time i had to get what hair i had left cut into a shorter style. my hair is regrowing now so all is well i suppose. try not to worry as this is said to make matters worse. good luck


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Sorry hun i have not experianced that yet,must be awful im dreading it happening to me,maybe it will stop now your back on LT....im sure someone who has had hair shedding probs will soon shed some light on it for you...im sure i have read somewhere it is common,but you dont lose loads as in go bald....hope not anyway! good luck!!! caz xx


soon to be minnie mouse
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on a brighter note i'd rather be thin and bald rather than fat and hairy. i'm just hoping my new hair is poker straight instead of the curls i previously had to endure lol
well i had really long hair , middle of my back , and i just got it cut a couple of weeks ago to shoulder length , so hopefully im thinking far worse then it actually is :) im so used to having loads , im trying not to worry about it , and yes hopefully all will stop now that im back on lt , ive asked the chemist if there is a supplement and he says no , im thinking of using regain lol
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Great for taking that topic up and to be honest havent seen much difference as yet but certainly wouldnt like to lose what I have got either. I am like yourself, been growing my hair for the past two years for the wedding and its now down to my waist but wouldnt like to lose it in that way, I think i would be devasted. Must look up that link though for some info!! Cheers babe for bringing it to our attention.
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Hi ,
I too have been off it for 3 weeks and noticed my hair seems to be falling out however everyone says i'm being silly . My hair is really thick too thankfully although after reading the refeed thread about hairloss I am reallyworried but I'll deal with that bridge when it comes and I'm sure my new confidence when I lose all my weight will be stronger than the downside of losing some hair . I'm currently on day 2 getting back on it so fingers crossed . Best of luck to u :)

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