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Now that's just cruel... do you have porridge, i put cinnamon in that :) well done for not succumbing..
hmmm have you considered murder?

Oh okay it might be just a tad drastic - but not a lot :D

You're doing brilliantly to resist - just think of that bagel sat on his/her hips.
Well my lovely family are eating a KFC as we speak!!! hence the fact I'm on here...lol
I received a big box of Heroes chocolates today - can you believe it!!! I've managed to give most of them away and haven't touched one - so very pleased with myself. Not sure what it is that makes it easy-ish on the CD to say no to food. God willing it lasts!!!
Well my lovely family are eating a KFC as we speak!!! hence the fact I'm on here...lol
Yep I can well believe it - mine had a burger king last night but luckily they were all out and I was at home.

I'm quite used to living with 'temptation' as my hubby is a great cook and loves cooking - hmmm and I wonder why I'm this size - though to be honest I can't blame his as he does everything pretty healthily and from fresh. I'm one of these who'd spend 10 mins in the kitchen and he'd happily spend hours every night. On Saturday he did a roast chicken dinner with all sorts of veg and roasties and then with what was left on the carcass made a chicken stock for future use with onions, carrots, all sorts added - seriously it smelt good enough to eat --- and at the same time he had bread baking in the breadmaker and I could smell that!

After writing all that I think I need a divorce :D
Can cope with the sight of food but when it comes to the smells oooooh they are driving me mad, would murder her only might end up jobless as she`s the boss`s wife lol.


I will get into that wedding dress!
hehe! i know how you feel every weekend my hubby and 3 kiddies go for a fry up on sat and then the kids treat is KFC or Maccy D's i sit there while they shove it in feeling SSSOOOO tempted!!!

oh and i think the porridge is RANK!!!!!!!! for some reason its so super sweet!!! YYUUCCKK!!!!!

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Size 14 Here I Come!
what I do is imagine that 'bagel' sitting right on my hip, or my thigh, tummy, boobs...whereever...and think to myself, yes I can have it BUT it going to make be bigger by that much.........no idea why it works but it works for me:8855:

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