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Guys i am soooooo hungry today it hurts.

I even cried last night because my cravings are so bad.

Everytime i go into PMT week (sorry TMI) my cravings become absolutely unbearable.

Its taking all my strength not to run to the vending machine right now!
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I will be skinny again!!!
aaaah no chick!!!

Mine just started today!!

Hmmm.... I dont know what to recommend...

What have you got in work with you for today??
a vanilla shake for lunch.

When all i really want is fish and chips. Cannot cheat today - i get weighed after work....LOL

I remember last month nearly going out of my mind aswell. Its soooo hard :wave_cry:


weighs a lot less
please dont give up now you have already come so far , maybe you could go for a walk at lunchtime i find that really helps me oh and say if you can get through today you are gonna treat yourself tonight , some new shoes or a facial ?? xx


I will be skinny again!!!

Just keep chatting on here!!

Soo.. What are you doing after your weigh in tonight?

Any plans for this weekend??
not much doing this weekend - need a new suitcase,

one small enough to be hand luggage. I refuse to wait for luggage for a weekend away.

No more treats! LOL.....i bought myself a new beautiful pink phone Samsung Soul. I cannot do treats! LOL

I can still imagine the taste of batter.....mmmmmmm


weighs a lot less
it would make you very sick and you would feel so guilty after it just isnt worth it , try squeezing your earlobe for 10 seconds it works for me lol xx


I will be skinny again!!!
No!! Batter tastes like poo... and Imagine that you were just about to tuck into the fish and it hasnt been boned yet... and all of your chips are green!!

Ooooh... yeah and having to pay extra for baggage is annoying!!

And I hate when you get your spot at the converyer belt and some one pushes infront of you!!!

oooh do you like your phone??

I got the c905 recently but keep dropping it and im scared its going to break soon :( lol
i reckon i wouldn't be able to finish it anyway - think about how small our stomachs must be!

which one is the C905?


I will be skinny again!!!
Sony ericsson one.., with the 8.1mp camera :) LOVE IT!!

Yeah exactly it would be a waste of money!!
i usually go for Sony's - but i don't like the bulkiness of the C905. They haven't brought a decent phone out for a while. My last phone was the purple one that came out on 3. Loved it :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Not sure what one you mean... I love Sony ericson... They are the only phones that havent packed up on me within a year... Or if anything does go wrong with them the fix it straight away..

I had a samsung e600 about 2 years ago.. and the screen stopped working on it after 6 months.. and I sent it back to Samsung and they said they wouldnt be repairing it as it was water damaged... it hadnt been anywhere near water and would still turn out just the screen wouldnt work!!

Was not impressed!!!
Sonys do last - my hubby's dad has my old old one from 4 years ago and its still working well! My brother in law has my one from 3 years ago and it still looks fresh :)

Oh shame about the Samsung - i had one about 6 years ago and i remember the screen died on it too - but after a year -so thats not too bad! LOL
the craving is still here but not as strong - and any minute now i will have my shake and that will sort me out!

do you know if there are any nail bars in Glengormley?


I will be skinny again!!!
Hmmm, Im not sure.. theres plenty of hairdressers, Ill check for you though when im up there!! x

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