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:mad: I am in need of some help please!! advice anyone????????
I am PMT for the first time on this diet (been on it 4 weeks now) but I am so so so hungry and craving anything and everything!! even meat! and I ve not eat meat for 6 years!!!:confused:
Is there anything I can do or has anyone else been through this?
To make it worse its weekend and its always hard at weekends!!
Ive got 7 weeks to go on this diet and I just cant give up (my belly and bum, jsut have to go!!!)
any support will be taken greatfully
thank youxxx
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ahhh hun! You just have to dig deep and say no! It is hard and I am worse with TOTM too. Try and keep busy. Go shopping or go clean out your wardrobe. You could try making a strong cup of coffee for yourself. The caffine might help.

You are doing great and just need to get through a day or two and you will be fine again. Have an early night tonight. Pamper yourself. Have a bath. Here is a link to a site for making home made facial washes. http://www.stretcher.com/stories/980423b.cfm
Go have a play with that and they relax with it and enjoy. I am sure there are body scrubs and things too. It will help you feel good about yourself!
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Try having a couple of sweetex in a drink, tea, coffee or peppermint tea, just something sweet might just make you feel better. Its a difficult time pmt, so keep strong hun and keep yourself busy, hopefully it will pass soon.

I do some silly things to keep me occupied sometimes and my neighbours must think I am nuts, like walking around the garden, or just turn on the music channel and dance yourself silly for half hour or so. Get on your back and do some sit-ups...........anything. Clean your oven, hoover the house, just keep busy busy busy, good luck hun. You could even try sucking on an ice cube. Anything is worth a try......lol. Good luck.


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I have struggled this week for the same reason, awful PMT lol But now I have got through it I am so proud of myself, there were so many times I wanted to eat and just pushed myself through it :)


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i feel your pain - when i was PMT on LT i would go literally up the wall and cry cos my cravings were so bad.

All you can do is to be strong and know the minute you get totm the cravings will calm down massively.


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The chocolate shake is the sub for me when im craving things when im on my period!

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