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Hi, well done for doing something about it.

So you just started and it will seem a bit daunting with all that way to go. BUT once you get going and have something to look back on it wont seem so bad because the time just flies by. take it day by day or week by week instead of looking to getting to goal because it will be easier that way.

If you find yourself looking towards how long you have left, start to think about how long you have been doing it for and how quickly that has gone by, but best of all just think about where you are now.

You're at the beginning of your journey, it would be nice to just wake up and get to where we want to be but think of what we'd miss out on along the way if we did.

I think the best thing about a vlcd is that we take away food and it gives us time to learn things about ourselves without using food as a distraction, and it helps us to relearn how to eat.


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the first week can be really hard but u have to remember that once in ketosis u will not be experincing physical hunger so it will get much easier. u'll feel detoxed and fab and ur energy levels will go thru the roof! it is so so worth feeling like that and suffering a few bad days to get there.

do anything u can to distarct urself this week and stick with it. you have 2 choices, say its too difficult and pack it in after a few days feeling fat and frustrated OR go at it like mad this week and be back here next saturday telling us all how uve lost LOADS of weight in ur first week. :D

i know its difficult (god ive had hell getting back into the diet this week lol) but u have to know how much better it is to do it than not do it.

good luck this week! u can do it!!


Give it a week 100%- I guarantee that you'll fell much more positive after that