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Hi Everyone

I'm off to the cinema tomorrow; it's been easy on CD so far (week one and 7lbs down) but I'm worried I'll be tempted by the smell of popcorn etc

I have a CD bar to try and wondering if I ate some of this in the cinema I'll be okay? I'm on SS but I'm trying to avoid going off the rails by planning ahead. Just think the smell with get me.

Will this effect weight loss? Or ketosis?

Lunch went well today, went to the pub with friends and didn't eat or stray...

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Hi ya,

Firstly well done with your loss so far and a massive congrats fro passing the test, going out today.

See you have already done so much, do you really wanna undo all your hard work? It is a really good idea to take your bar and just nibble on it throught the film.

Your doing the absolute best thing and planning ahead thats how results are achieved, a bar will not knock you out of ketosis, they are part of the plan!!

Just enjoy yourself, have that bar and feel great when you walk past the popcorn and say 'na' 7lbs loss is more important than a quick snack that could blow it.

Lisa xx


I can do this.
well done on ur loss so far, when i go to the cinema i take a bar and it really helps and the smell of popcorn made me feel ill, lol.
Aahh, cinema popcorn is damn good.. though usually I have a LARGE sweet popcorn all to myself - and its eaten before the film even starts!!

Take a bar or a tetra, and also a BIG bottle of water.. though not too much as u dont wana be running out of the film to go pee! try and sit away from other people aswell.. i had the misfortune the other night of sitting next to someone who was eating minstrels.. once that bag was finished they opened the maltesers!! It was no surprise that she was overflowing from her seat into mine!

Also think how expensive the cinema food is - you end up spending more money on the popcorn than the ticket! So take exactly the amount of money u need for the film and leave the card at home!


loving minimins!
I would def. take a cd bar (makes you feel like you're having a treat) and some sparkling water. Once you get through the first cinema trip, you'll be fine :)
Made it easily through the film and the smell of the popcorn didn't put me off. Managed half of the CD bar but didn't want the rest.

Yeah!! Second challenge sucessful...

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
lol here I was giving advice on refrigerating the bar and chopping it up - :)
Well done on making it through the film and past the foyer! lol you'll have saved yourself Lbs of weight and £'s in your wallet! lol

Well done on your losses so far :)

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