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I am depressed !! Been put on meds to help mood, now feel spaced out all the time. Been doing SW since July last year and have lost 2.5 stone, got another 1.5 to go. Stomach feels bloated and uncomfortable.. at my wits as cannot afford all the free food/super free food to give myself a boost.
Feel really low.. :(
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What meds have you been put on and how long have you been taking them? The first two weeks or so can be rough as it takes that long for them to build up in your system and the good effects start to be noticed... stick with them if you can but if you do think the side effects aren't normal then see your GP again. Sometimes it can take a few attempts at getting the right medication.

What other support apart from the meds have you been offered?
Hi, I've had depression for years and get terrible bloating too, certain foods give me bloating, I often look pregnant from it! I tend to stick to red days and have lots of yoghurts containing acidophilus, especially fat free natural. why don't you look up candidiasis? I've been diagnosed with this, just a suggestion x


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Oh Hun! It's wretched when you are depressed, I've got the T-shirt!. NOW, you have lost an impressive amount of weight, WELL DONE! If you have an old photo, then magnet it to the front of the fridge to remind yourself how far you've come.
As to the foods. If you have a market, then they sell off fruit and veg very cheaply 1/2 an hour before it closes. If you live near aldi, they have the cheap 6 every week, and the supermarkets sell things about 7 oclock cheaply (but don't get the big cookies) Some of the SM own labels are worth getting tho baked beans have to be branston for me .
Medication is another issue. One I had which was great for getting my sleep pattern back made me ravenously hungry and I put loads of weight on, the one I use if I ever need to take it now generally enables me to stick to the plan and lose.
I know you probably feel exhausted, and when they say exercise you think how? The secret is NOT to do too much or you compound the problem. A walk in the fresh air will boost your mood, especially if you go fast enough to know you've done one, and I mean warm not breathless! Exercise dvds are another, and if you haven't got any, then check at your library. We can get dvds for free for 3weeks here.not a great selection but you never know.
Come on here and get support, that's what it's all about,good luck :gen126:

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