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Hi guys ok so I know I'm not on LL anymore but I can feel myself slipping back into bad habits! I'm not going to blame it on the pregnancy it's just comfort but I haven't had the energy to deal with it all lately.

Anyway I need a kick up the bum or I'm going to end up piling the weight back on!

Hope everyones well!

Emma xXx
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You may not be doing LL now, but you
need to stay healthy to give you and the baby the best start for a healthy life, so be careful.
You've done so well, you are going to be a yummy mummy - don't let it slip away.

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
JUst remember FYM who has the ultimate control.....and that's you.

Youhave to make your mind up and commit - just COMMIT with everything you have in you NOT to do the things you KNOW are going to hurt you. ANd if you lack the energy to do it, remember how much energy healthy food gives us! ;)

And as SB said, you have the baby to nurture.....surely that is a driving force to help you.

At the end of the day, we are the only ones that cam make something happen for us, or not. No outside influence, event, circumstance, etc. JUst us. It is all down to us as individuals to make good choices.

Where is the comfort in the anxierty that comes with the fear of slipping back into bad habits? See how crooked it is to think food is comfort? ;)

If you want to do it - you can, and will.

Good luck to you hon. You are capable of this ya know. You reallllly are. :)

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hi there emma
with each of my 3 pregnancies i used them as excuses to pig out. and then couldn't lose the weight.
i would convince myself that i would lose weight breastfeeding, which i never did, as i ate more because i had the excuse i was breastfeeding.

i remember feeling so envious of all the slim pregnant women with neat little bumps - i spread sideways and backwards too!

you have a chance to be a 'yummypregnantmummy' like the women in the magazines!
don't let the excuses get in your way - you have done sooo great on your quest to be fit and healthy for your kids, use this pregnancy as the force to drive you onwards not outwards!!
daisy x


I Can Do This!
Emma - I did the same as Daisy with the same crooked thinking. Although my three lovely kids are not all to blame as I was obese even before I had them, I did gain over three stone with each and enter a morbidly obese state, never losing it after the third.

I understand the tired feeling and grabbing for nearest convenience food. Perhaps planning meals on a weekly, or every few days basis and making sure they are quick and easy and you have the ingredients available will help. You can do this and have a happy, healthy pregnancy without piling the lbs back on. And we're here for chats too.

All the best. xx

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