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Cruise PP Helpppp pleaseeee!!!

I'M stuck at work after eating all my food that I've brought in to eat, but I'm hungry infact no I feel like I'm starving still!!! Yesterday was a pv day which ive noticed I always seem to be hungry on pp days after pv (is this normal???) since I started cruise on Friday, trouble is when packing up my lunch I didn't think to take this into consideration!!!

What could I go and get to eat?? I've already had porridge, beef balls (snack) and some tandoori chicken for lunch!!! I've also had a muller light which I've been trying to avoid but the coop didn't have any natural yoghurt!!

I don't know why I feel so hungry, this is the first day I've struggled!!! I ate plenty of protein yesterday so it's not lik e it could be that!!!

This is my first day struggling, I know I can't go another 5 hours without eating but that's how long I got till I get home :(
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** Chief WITCH **
Hey there - what are your options? Can you pop out somewhere? What sort of shop do you have nearby?
I have a coop right next door!! Ive just had a real busy spell (I'm a hairdresser) and it seems to have faded a little so going to try and wait now!!!

I'd love to hear any suggestions incase I can't wait or it happens again, although hopefully I will make sure I have enough food from now on!!!

Is it normal to feel hungry after a pv day??? I found things easier on attack :-0


** Chief WITCH **
You're probably not eating enough at meal times. You need to plan some snacks, whether or not you eat them.

On a Monday, I always take extra yoghurt and protein (eggs or chicken), and then shuffle them down the week, sometimes taking them home with me on a Friday! It's reassuring knowing I have something at the ready "if" needed!

With this diet, you really oughtn't be hungry, so I'd guess that you're not. Remember that a PV day should still have high quantities of protein.

I am def hungry and was on sat after after my first pv day (Friday) but I was at home so it didn't matter!!! Just got to make sure I bring extra snacks now, or maybe have pv days on work days!!!

I am also eating mote protein than veg at my meals, I vaguely remember reading something that you should do that!! (haven't got my book to hand to check, or it may of even been in here)

Glad someone else gets hungry! I thought protien kept you fuller for longer but i was more satiated when ate a few ryvitas and philli (pre diet!) its not possible for me to to just stop and have a snack- due to work- so have to have dinner then wait for tea....by tea time i feel like my throat has been cut!
It's worse the day after a pv day so I think it has to be that!!!! I didn't feel hungry after a few days on attack!!!

But what I have noticed was I an fine and then all of a sudden it's like I have to eat right now!!! Even on attack!!! Weird, lol.


** Chief WITCH **
do either of you post your menus?

have you tried eating starter, main and pud as indeed the doctor suggests in his sample menus in the book? It doesn't need to be elaborate cookery but, rather than attempting a large quantity of one food (which is usually sickening), having a three course is a good way of filling up :)

I won't pretend I'm not "ready" for my meals ;) but "hungry"? not really, if I'm honest.

Also water is a good filler if hungry between meals. I too try not to snack between meals, ever mindful of "real life" awaiting afterwards :) so far better to have a proper meal.

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