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Hen night - best drinks on SW?

Hi, I have a hen night coming up in a few weeks, I hope to lose a few more pounds by then.

Was wondering can you have wine on SW as that is really all I drink, particularly like White Zinfandel.

I'm wondering whether to count sins or whether it's best just to forget SW for one night (as there is food involved too)?

What do you reckon?
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If you only like wine, you could make it go further by making it a spritzer by adding soda water or diet lemonade. It's quite high in syns at 5 for a small glass. Spirits are less, you can have a double for 5 syns. Personally, I don't have a good drink very often so I'd have a night off slimming world!
it depends on how quickly you want to loose weight. if your in no rush one night off every now and then is fine. if you want to continue your weight loss even through special occasions then your going to have to sacrifice wine for spirits and diet mixers. if its only now and then i would just use flexi syns and stop counting for the night
Flexi syn it and try to keep your syns to a minimum for a couple of days previous. Have a good night, and let me know if you get up to anything fun/cool so that I can pinch the idea for my friends hen night in Benidorn next year! xxx

Thanks for your replies. Goodness 5 sin for a small glass, I don't really drink that often, once a month if that so I think I'll have the night off SW.

I don't really have many sins throughout the week anyway as I do want to lose weight fairly quickly.

Rainbow, I'll let you know after the 5th, if I remember anything of the night that is!!:D
Vermouth dry is 2.5 sys per 50 ml! Thats 2 shots for the same syns as one vodka, with diet coke that is. Don't think you can get it out though but good to start the night with at home, and its cheap :) I think it might be martini dry but don't know if thats just vermouth or its mixed with something

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