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Hi Everyone,
I started lipotrim on friday and stumbled across this site last night and i am so happy i have found it, its gived my so much inspiration and motivation!!!!:eek:
I Really struggled on fri day and was shaking all day! Yesterday i just couldnt cope i was literally dry balking:sign0137:!!! and i slipped up and ate PIZZA!!! for crying out load??
but then i found this site and today i am fine! been following the tips and they have really helped, has any one else ever slipped like that and if so what was the effect??
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Welcome lemonade,:welcome:

It is very common to slip up in the first couple of days as it can be tough going getting use to a liquid diet and coming to terms that all food is out of the equation.

The best policy is to keep moving forward and learn from the slip...

Eating only delays the onset of ketosis...but once you are in ketosis the diet does become easier as hunger is greatly reduced.

If you are finding the packs hard to take you could try splitting the packs and instead of three meals you could have six mini meals throughout the day. Just remember to make each half up fresh and consume within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water soluble.

The good news is that after a week or so you will no longer taste the vitamins and minerals in the packs but the said flavour.

Here is a link to help you put up a weight tracker.


Love Mini xxx


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Welcome Lemonade, you'll get some great support from the guys on here. Stick at it and you'll realise why this diet is the best diet in the world. Good luck xxx


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Hi Lemo

Welcome to the LT family, although it is very disaplined diet, it is well worth the effort needed to keep on the straight and narrow. Getting started can be hard for some people but just give yourself a pat on the back for each day you have succeeded and look forward to your first weigh in, once you get into ketosis it is alot easier believe you me I am a restarter and am now on day 7, and for me I went into ketosis on day 4 but everybody is different. Drinking plenty of water helps I have about 4 litres but again people drink different amounts.

Very god luck for today and dont forget that pat on the back.

Have a good week and jumping on here will take your mind off food.

Jo x
Thanks mini,
I am going to try that today........
by the way your before and after pix are amazing......you must be so proud of yourself!!!
I cant beleive how much weight i have put on this year, I got down to a size 10 last summer after always struggling with my weight and now i am lucky to get into a size 18 and i am 15 st 10!!!!!!!!

I am so excited to seeresults like yours,
Thanks for the advice!!

I go on holiday in three weeks and i am so worried that i will put more on because i know i wont stick to it!!!

lemo x x x


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Welcome!!! :)

This site really is a godsend when on this diet! I think my social life revolves around it - my bf says i am never off it haha true though!!

Dont worry about your little blip - start again and now you know you have done 'wrong' (sorry dont really know what other word to use) you'll know not to do it again.

Whenever you do have the urge to eat or your feeling down whatever just hop on here - theres always someone around :)

Good luck with your LT journey x
thanks every one!!!!!!
I cant beleive how well am doing today!! I no its only one day but i really couldnt cope yesterday or the day before and I am sooo motivated and excited!!!

and its all thanks to you lot!!!!!!!

I think that the main thing that am craving is diet coke or lemonade and i dont know why?

I didnt realize that i drank it that often, even some cordial would do, but i have managed so far today so i wont ruin it!!!

also unfortunatly i am a smoker...... and so i am used to having lots of sugar free mints and chewing gum.

i have avoided them for the past three days and took to brushing my teeth 10 times a day!!!

could i use breath sprays or has any one got any other ideas before my teeth disapear........haha!!! i couldnt give up smoking while starting this....

Thanks again everyone
lemo x x x


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Hi and welcome, you can use listerine mouthwash and listerine strips for your breath. Also lots of water can help too. Good luck on lipotrim.
Hi I am new to this site, I am considering starting this diet and am very encouraged by this forum. I have tried various diets before but lose motivation if I dont see results quickly. I did slim to a size 10 before my wedding (taking phentermine) but the weight has gradually piled back on an now I am a size 16. I know I can be disciplined in regards to the not eating but the not drinking is waht concerns me, how to you get around that. I am quite a social person. Any advise for a beginner?


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re the chewing gum issue - like kred said listerine mouthwash and listerine strips - just not the citrusy ones! I carry a little bottle of listerine in my handbag for emergencies! :)

beckym - welcome - the diet can be seen two ways - a hinderence to you or a blessing. Personally i see it as a blessing as it tests you constantly in social situations. You will learn that to be sociable you dont have to eat.

The diet shouldnt stop you from having a social life - this is part of your life change so take it as another lesson along the LT road to learn :)
Hi everyone im new only started today I have around 3 stone to loose of baby weight. Finding it ok so far just hungry and sick of going to the loo lol. Also all the extra things u can do to the shakes are great! I anyone has tips about staying on track please let me no as i need all the help i can get, getting married!!

thanks x

Start weight 14.1



I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya guys and welcome to the forum and LT :)

Good luck xx


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Welcome to LT.

It is an extreme diet but well worth it.

I just take it one day at a time. When it gets to night time and I've made it through another day - I think great and start again.

Good luck.


Here we go again!
Hi newbies and welcome. If you stick to this diet 100% the results will be amazing. Just take one day at a time and get through the first week and your first weigh in will really spur you on. Good luck!
Hiya all, I would advice to drink, drink and drink plenty more, and log on here for any thing at all, it really helps. look at peoples before and after pics (i found/find this to really help) and look at the short time it has taken for them to get where they are, it really shows u that ur goal is reachable :D. U will start to notice a difference in urself, ur energy levels, the appearace of ur skin etc etc probably by the end of the 1st week and that really helps to as u dont get that on other diets so soon. Good luck xxx

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