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herbal bits and bobs

Well my RLT capsules have been delivered, so have taken three which it recommends on the bottle, so I guess I will decide if it's been any good after the big day!

Also I ordered some iron suppliments with vit and mins, as when I had a funny turn last week and they went on my 28 wk red blood cell count so I decided to buy some as a lot can change in five weeks, as they didn't retest me. They don't contain vit A so I don't think there will be any problems with me taking these. what do you think?

I'm also going to buy some evening primrose oil to take and order some black cohosh tincture for when I hit 37 wks, Which isn't far away!

Are any of you going to have a go at some of these herbal remedies. The one's I have decided don't induce labor they just tone the uterine muscles and help the cervix to ripen.

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I have always taken RLT and have always found the pushing stage the easiest bit, all my babes have been born approx 10 mins after the pushing starts, so will def be taking it again this time. I am also going to give clary sage oil a go after 38 weeks as that is reported to bring on contractions never tried it before but will give it a go, not sure about the Black Cohosh as I read the otherday I think it was an info page on Mumsnet that it can cause problems with blood clotting or something like that but I don't really know enough about it?
Yeah I have read that about black cohosh too, but I have also read that it's been used for years and years and years with MW's advising it. I think I will talk about it with my mw first tho

I read that it can apparently ripen the cervix in 6 hours if you take between 15-25 drops under the tongue every 30- 60 mins!!! That shocked me! Not that i'm going to do that!
I think I will take 5-10 drops twice a day in a cup of tea once i get to 37 wks and see how i feel, then increase the dosage until baby is born. I may do that hourly thing once I ''know'' i'm having contractions, because i was stalling with dilation before so that may help the cervix along it's merry way! lol

I think it's about seeing what worked for you. I know people swear by castor oil, but personal it's not for me, just drinking a lot of prune juice should do the same thing lol.
Well I have never heard about it before but its one of those things you are supposed to avoid early pregnancy incase of miscarriage but because they believe it can cause uterine contractions it can be used when full term to 'induce' or strenthen labour, you can put drops in the bath , soak a cotton wool ball and put it under your pillow, or massage some oil (in a carrier oil) directly onto your abdomen, as with all these things seems to work for some but not for others and it doesn't smel very nice apparantly, but I am willing to give it a go should I need it, take a look here,
Best Way - Use of Clary Sage Oil in Pregnancy | eHow.com

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
just started taking rlt yesterday and ill definately be using clarey sage and lavender during labour . im a therapist so will be instructing hubby in some nice massage during labour (thats if i dont want to kill him :0).
i would like to avoid pain meds during labour as ive read about them and they all freak me out in some way ... mainly how they affect the baby , after bellas problems ill do anything to avoid trauma to little nips this time .... foolish ??? maybe :0) but ill give anything a go xx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
bought hypnobirthing book and cd off ebay today , looking forward to trying it. preparing myself for a great birth is what im ultimately hoping , at the very least sheer unadulterated panic avoidance is my greatest wish:eek:.
seriously i would love as natural delivery as possible so im hoping this with the aromatherapy and massage will be of great benifit if nothing else xx
I have the hypnobirthing cd and book too, but I have been less than good at practicing! But I find even if I don't practice listening to it always puts me to sleep, which in labor I see as a good thing!

I'm def going to buy black cohosh and take it from 37 weeks, I've also started the rlt and 1000mg once a day of evening primrose oil.

I just hope now that it's all systems go for my vbac, have my consultants app on wednesday so shall find out then!
I've already told him that if i have a vbac there is no way on earth they will induce me! Not with the extra risks involved to uterine rupture, so that's why i'm going to take every natural remedy to soften, ripen and tone the cervix and uterus for quicker dilation!

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