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Here comes nothing...

Alrighty, This is the first entry in what will hopefully be the diary of my successful weight loss. I have 35lbs to shift and to do so, i'm starting on the CS diet tomorrow.
I tried loads and loads of diets, techniques, advise to loose weight and all i ended up loosing was time and money. Fingers cross this will help get me back to the weight i should be which should motivate me re educate myself when it comes to healthy eating.
I guess when you work so hard to reach that kind of goal, you make sure you don't screw it up. Oh well... before I start planning i need to get cracking. Wish me luck!
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New motivating fact... I have just seen a picture of myself that has been taken on friday night and I look positively shocking. Urgh. I am ashamed of myself. Oh well, new begining and all.
Alright, that's day 1 done.
It went fine on the meal side of things. I didn't feel hungry at all but that might be due to being crazy busy at work.
I had the vanilla shake for breakfast (not my fav) and latte for lunch which was lovely!
For lunch I had plenty of tomatoes and cucumbers with some tuna (which i forgot how much i loved!) in brine and home made vinaigrette (I wasn't sure about the mustard side of things but took a chance)
Planning prawns for tomorrow night with I don't know what yet.
On the mind side of things, I found myself really angry and feeling 'urgh' about myself, wishing I'd see results already but I soon snapped back into reality and realised that it won't be easy but it will be worth it.
Self esteem at zero tho. Oh well... lets hope i see results soon.
S: 24st5lb
Hi Fraggs,

I always find week 1 the hardest, and you've taken the first step which is brilliant.

The weight will soon start falling off, this place seems great for support and encouragement. There will be plenty of smiling faces to help you in your journey and offer any kind of help that you need.

Keep up the good work.

FG x


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Hi Fraggs,

Well done on taking the first step! Just gotta keep going! It's really important to get to the root of why your diets keep failing, or else I fear you'll keep repeating the same problems you had before. Good luck!
Thank you for your messages :)
I am now done with day 2! Appart from the dull headache this morning (which was solved swiftly by some ibuprofen) it all went fine.
I had the strawberry shake this morning but i think that the water I used was not cold enough because it wasn't good. I have now a bottle of water in the fridge :)
Lunch was the chocolate one and it was gorgeous!
It seems that the shakes are filling me up nicely as i'm not hungry at all during the day. I can't wait to chew for diner tho :p
For diner, Prawns with cucumber, iceberg lettuce, radishes and mushrooms and a bit of dressing (lowest carb one i could find in the shop)
The mood is back up high and i'm feeling really positive about it all!
I can't wait for the first week to be over so i can judge the results :):)
I couldn't resist and had sneak peak at the scale this morning... amazingly, already 5.2lbs gone! And it's just the start of day 3 woohooo
S: 24st5lb
Congrats, keep up the good work

And it's the start of day 5!
Feeling good about it all still. I need to find more diner options tho because i'm running out of ideas.
I decided to give running a try as well as working out at home. I think it's worth a shot :)
The weekend is approaching and I think that will be the first challenge.


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Hi Fraggs,

Good luck with the running, ur a braver woman than me!! I've often thought about jogging but then i see people pounding the pavements on my way into work every morning and they all seem to have the same grimace on their faces and they're sweating buckets and i think to myself where's the fun in that lol. Also having done very little exercise for the past few years my fitness levels are rubbish so I'm breaking myself in gently and have bought a couple of pilates dvds, i figure some form of exercise is better than none at all so we'll see how it goes!
Hehe Thank you. I haven't started yet as i need to go and buy proper trainers (Tomorrow \o/) but i have just finished my 1st home work out session and it feels amazing! If i could i would go for a short run right now! I didn't have all the moves down and could not carry all the way through all the parts but i gave each bit a try and i'm sure that if i keep up with it i'll manage it through and through and get more pounds off :) I invested in the 3 30 mins work outs by Davina and I like it! yoo hoo
Tomorrow I'm heading to the beach and although I am nowhere near my target weight, i still feel confident and positive enough to work the swim suit hehe!
Now i'll see on monday if all that paid off :)
S: 24st5lb
Wooohoooo, well done you - all your hard work is paying off

FG xx


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way to go 7 1/2 lbs gone and never to return keep up the good work xx


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Hi Fraggs, you are doing really great, stick at it hun, just keep on keeping on.:girlpower:
Hi Everyone! Thank you for your messages!
I am now on day 4 of my second week and everything is still going great.
I have started having the bars instead of the shakes at lunch which help a lot with the chewing cravings! Awesome!
I have 3 more weeks to go before my hols and hope to have lost a further stone by then...
And I am proud to say that I haven't cheated once and I started working out every other day which feels amazing! and believe you me, if i do it, everyone can :)


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S: 21st7lb C: 17st7lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 34.2 Loss: 4st0lb(18.6%)
Well done hun im sure you will have losted that pesky stone by the time of your hols keep up the great work xx
Thanks Madmuppet!
I'm now on day 7 of week 2. I can't wait for the weigh in tomorrow.
I am really happy as i resisted temptation yesterday. Took the family in an amusement park and they had burgers and chips, ice creams and all that goes with it. I stuck to my shake. Go me!


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S: 20st3lb C: 17st13lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 49 Loss: 2st4lb(11.31%)
Mornin Frags,
good for you, feels quite good when you manage to resist doesnt it? today is my day 7 and..... 10 big fat pounds gone, im delighted, good luck for tomorrow.:)
Thank you :)
Well only 3lbs gone last week but it's still something. Maybe it was due to the fact that it was the bad week of the month. I read that it could affect weight loss.
Oh well, I keep positive and hope for better this week :)

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