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Here goes...

Ok, so I started (again!) 3 weeks ago a final attempt to lose weight. I've been reading everyones weight loss diaries and have been so inspired! Last night I had a real diet breakthrough and wanted to share it with people that I think will understand - if I told it to my friends I'm not sure they'd get it :)
I went to a hen party and had quite a bit to drink (I'm doing ww and had saved points so I knew how much wine I could
have). Anyway... I came home last night and not only did I avoid all the takeaways on the way but the only thing I ate when I got in was a piece of salmon that I'd grilled to have today for lunch!
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That's not something I would have ever done before (which is how I got so overweight in the first place) so I'm feeling really positive that this time I'm going to do it!
Hello Selma:welcome:
You are in the right place if you need support and understanding to get to your goal, you will meet a lot of lovely people who completely understand what you are going through, this wee community has really helped me stay focused and continue to lose weight, its the one thing that has been missing from all my previous attempts.
How much do you want to lose, what plan are you on? personally i dont do well with strict diets this time i have changed to healthy eating and so far its working for me.
Good luck, im looking forward to seeing you succeed this time, keep posting:)
Hello, i am actually the same, i dont think any of my friends would get what im on about, and well done for avoiding the takeaway shops, they are my deadly sin, and also part of the reason iv put on soo much weight, hope you had fun at the hen party! How long have you been on ww? I was thinking.of starting it *hmmm, anyway good luck :)
Ooh. I've got myself all confused! Couldn't find this thread so started another one! (I called it all or nothing, here goes) and when I tried to find that one to update today I couldn't and found this one instead!! Not sure I realised it would be so complicated :)

Thank you so much MsPiggy, Rainbow Rose and Hayley (don't want to say Fat Hayley!) for your words and your encouragement. In fact Rainbow Rose your diary is one of the ones that encouraged me to start my own!!

I've been on Weightwatchers for 4 weeks now and so far have lost 3kg which I think is almost half a stone (we weigh in kilos here so I think it's going to be easier for me to use that) and ideally want to lose 30, but am going to take it 10 at a time. I've also decided to stop smoking as in the past always ate more when I was trying to stop smoking or smoked more when I was trying to stop eating!!
This way I'm hoping that I might crack them both at once.

I usually weigh in on a Sunday evening (it's a working day here which I still haven't got used to after 3 years of living away from London) so plan to update on a Monday morning. I missed last week because I went to a wedding so not feeling too confident. Am planning to try to catch up on some points over the weekend.

Hope you're all doing well.
I think I’ve spent the whole day on this site! Which meant I didn’t clean my flat as I planned but have got loads of ideas and tips and things that I want to try and do. I definitely started as I mean to go on as after making dinner I made a huge chicken, mushroom and pea risotto which I’ve divided into portions and froze so I can take to work or have when I get in...

That seems to be my biggest downfall i.e. I do good food-wise all day and then come home from work starving and so eat out of the fridge as can’t be bothered to cook or it feels too early. I then find myself not eating anything too bad just lots and lots of small things which obviously all add up. I get home from work at 6 which always feels too early for dinner but am going to try and eat a meal then and snack on fruit or cereal if I’m hungry later...

One thing that I noticed is people’s lists of why I want to lose weight so thought I’d give it a go:

1. I want to be able to go out and not feel like I’m the biggest person there. I live 20 minutes from the beach and while the weather here is beautiful, I’m usually too self-conscious to go.
2. I want to be fitter than I am. I used to run but could never go as far as I wanted to and was ruining my knees cos they had to carry so much weight.
3. I want to go clothes shopping and buy things I like rather than things that fit.
4. I think if I look better then maybe I’ll feel better about myself and might even consider thinking about meeting someone! I’ve been single for years and while I’m mostly not too bothered I don’t want to wake up in 5 - 10 years and be like ’oh, I forgot to have a family!’ (I’m sure that sounds weirder than I mean it to!)

My next weigh in is on Sunday, I missed last week as was at a wedding but unless I majorly mess up tomorrow I think I should be ok. I go with a friend who I’m not sure needs to lose any weight but she wants to lose about 6 kilo. I need to lose at least 4 times that amount so sometimes feel a bit silly going with her but trying not to let that stop me. I have to remember this is my journey :)

hope you’re all having good days...
Good morning, sounds like a great plan selma :)

Writing my list really opened my eyes, and acknowledged everything that i knew, but didn't like admitting to!

When your confidence and self belief soars.. (and it will!) you will be attracting all sorts of suitable men...even when you don't realise it! When someone looks and feels happy, there really is no bigger attraction!

I relate to everything on your list (apart from meeting someone ;)) they are all 'oh so true' reasons for losing excess weight!

I look forward to reading your result at weigh in, good luck, keep focused, you ARE going to do this hun x
Found u!!!!!!!!!! xxx
Hi Selma,
its great that you sound so positive and determined:), i can really relate to your reasons for losing weight, and you're doing really well, keep it up hun, good luck with your weigh in, looking forward to see you succeed:)
So I lost 1 kilo! It's happening a little slower than I'd like seeing as I missed a wi but know that a loss is still a loss so I'm happy. Also haven't smoked for a week (and today I handed notice in at my job!) so will have a triple celebration tonight :)

Thanks for all your support...
That's a brill loss! Well done u xx
Well done for not smoking! Do u have a new job? Exiting times xx

well done a kilo is a kilo lighter than you were and its all going in the right direction :)

Congrats on stopping smoking too, that must take willpower and lots of it! :)

Ooh, have you another job lined up..or did you just have enough of your last one?

Have a successful week :)
Hi Selma,
a kilo is just over 2lbs isnt it? thats a perfectly good weight loss for two weeks, you are doin just fine hun considering you have stopped smoking, left a job and started a new one, thats a lot of stressy type stuff going on all at the same time, you should be feeling quite proud of yourself hun:)

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