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Here I am...before and after....

Finally plucked up the courage to put pictures of my before and after, actually, it's taken me ages to search for a 'before' picture as I never used to like my photo taken, for obvious reasons. I've been through holiday snaps for the past 8 years and it looks like my husband was a single parent as I was never photographed with him or the kids :sigh:. Anyway, this is my CD experience...
I began after seeing LL adverts while on holiday, fat and fed up with being fat so I decided to look into it when I came home but there were no classes near to me. Instead, enquired about CD and found a fab counsellor. I've dieted for the past 25 years and just got bigger but this time something clicked and I found it the easiest (and hardest ;)) diet I've ever done. Previously, I always thought I could outwit the calorie counting or Syn values (obviously not - the amount of 'free' foods I used to eat was ridiculous:mad:), however CD was all or nothing - if I ate, I was cheating and it would have prolonged the diet and cost me an extra week's money so £40 for a piece of cake was not really worth it. I started in May 2009 and have lost over 4.5 stones in total, losing the last 7lbs has taken around 10 weeks and I know that I maintain on around 1800 calories now. I also know what 'my' weight is, whereas beforehand, my weight could have been anything within a 3 stone range (typical yo-yo).
I'm writing this not to get compliments (although go ahead if you really want to ...:D) but to encourage anyone else to get on the plan and really go for it. I know it's meaningless to say 'if I did it, anyone can' because we're all different but this time I really have surprised myself and now I know that I can get to this point and (with work), remain here. I will NOT go back to eating 'normally' as it was that that piled on the pounds in the first place so I have come up through the plans and have taken it step by step. I hope that this inspires others to give it a try as the speed of the losses really was the motivating factor for me.

Some observations:
  • I've gone from a size 18-20 to a 10-12 and can't quite believe it!
  • I sometimes had a little chicken on SS but didn't beat myself up if I needed it
  • I used to think I could carry the weight because I'm tall but looking at the picture of myself filling the plastic chair, I'm not so sure :eek:
  • I now do a little weight training to keep toned and it's so much easier to motivate yourself when you're in better shape
  • I don't get rubs or sweaty patches in places I never dreamed would rub together
  • I love finding new bones :D
  • I can almost see a six pack :cool:
  • My take on CD is that it's like an alcoholic going on the wagon - cutting out the addiction altogether. As a result, I have found that my tastebuds have totally changed - I can happily eat tons of veg now and cravings for sweets have pretty much disappeared. I can now retrain my tastes in the direction I want them to go, rather than being numbed by too much sugar
  • I'm still working at the 'head' side of things as sometimes it feels like I'm on a tightrope but I'll get there. I may have to deny myself certain things but hey-ho, that's life and I want to remain at this size, not just be a brief visitor here.
Sorry for the lengthy post -
I'll carry on posting to help with the final point, it's a fab resource here
Hope you can see the pics....
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Wow u look fab! Thanks for sharing that with us all, very inspiring! Wish u the best on maintenance! X


Perseverance is key
Such a great post hun, thanks for sharing :) and well done on your weight loss xx
Wawww great motivation! U look amazing and your results are amazing. U were close to my start weight, and I want to lose the same as u 2. While u were on the dieet did u do any exercise at all? Any tips for me :)
Aww, thanks for your comments :D
Zentje, I didn't do any exercise at all - that was one of the attractions of SS for me, the fact that exercise wasn't a part of the regime as I've never been keen on aerobic exercise. Don't mind a bit of resistance or weight training now but that's helping with the bit of loose skin too
Owww I thought U've done exercise. Because for your body to shrink like that and get small is amazing, with only the shakes and water. Soo how long did it take to lose all that weight ? And how long did it take for you to be a size smaller? The thing is I'm now on week 8, and lost 35 lbs....but I dont see the weight coming off on my body, only the change and the numbers lowering on the scale. And not a drop size yet.....I want to have the same results as u :)
You are slinky!!!!!!!!! Talk about legs up to ya arm pits!!! im not jealous........ MUCH!!!!

Well done missy ;)

Feel very proud of you....having been on CD around the same time as you...feel a little connection lol



minimims stalker
loved your post this is what cd is alla bout people like you who make me want to stick to this.thankyou v v much :)
Zentje, I was on SS for about 5 months and lost the bulk of it then. I can't remember how long it took to come down a dress size but I must have lost about 55lbs when I fitted into size 12 trousers - however, all shop sizes are different. If you'velost 35lbs you must look different to other people - even if you don't feel it yourself (the weight loss is sometimes so rapid that the 'head' doesn't catch up with the 'body' until later) Has your CDC taken measurements?
Hello Mrs Essex :wavey:Thanks for your comments, they mean a lot - yep, we've been around for about the same length of time, I follow your progress too (not a stalker though lol)
franbella, you go girl, brilliant start already
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look amazing,what an inspiration!! x x

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