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  1. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Well I've started!
    I had a consultation last night - I weigh 12st7
    I got a selection of products, walked home, drank a bottle of wine (last one for a while....) and went to bed

    So now I am about to have my first product and get this journey started...
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  3. Ian1975

    Ian1975 Full Member


    You can do it. I'm almost there - if I can, everyone can.

    It's hard, but enjoyable. You'll have ups and downs. But it's more than doable.

    Everyone's here for you
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  4. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Hi Ian
    Thank you. I've actually read a lot of posts from you already so kind of feel like we're old friends!
  5. slinkymelinkylonglegs

    slinkymelinkylonglegs Full Member

    Hi Kat,

    Good luck with Day1, I'm on D6 ss and feeling lighter already!

  6. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Thank you!
    I'll let you know how I get on
  7. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Man I'm hungry!!
  8. slinkymelinkylonglegs

    slinkymelinkylonglegs Full Member

    Yeah me too....iv had all 4 of my products, so looks like an early night for me!

    Water water water seems to make it slightly better!
  9. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    I've had 4 pints. I'm sloshing everywhere!!
  10. Ian1975

    Ian1975 Full Member

    Stay with it Kat.

    Advice is get a bottle of 0.75lt water and refill continually.

    You're great. You can bloody do this x
  11. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Thank you all. Well that's day one done. And I must say - waking up on a Sunday without a hangover is an odd concept.... :-D
  12. katecou

    katecou Member

    Hi Kat,
    hope you are getting on well, and enjoying your hangover free Sunday! I have found I feel so much better in my second week and a lot more productive (my house is sparking). I found the first few days of SS hard, mainly because I was so tired, now I just miss food, even though I'm not hungry (which is great)! Are you enjoying the products?
  13. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Hi there. Yes, so far so good with the products. I've had 4 so far and they've all been nice! No complaints for the butterscotch shake (although I was quite upset to realise there wasn't actually any scotch in it), the toffee and walnut shake, the vegetable soup and the apple and cin porridge.

    I can do this !
  14. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    how you getting on? the first few days are rough but once you get through them, then you'll find it physically easier :)
  15. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Hi LizzRob

    Well I got through Saturday and Sunday 100%. I find I miss alcohol even more than I miss food!!

    Technically work days should be easier as I don't really eat much while I'm at work anyway. I've just had my breakfast shake and am planning on having "lunch" at about 4pm

    How are you doing?
  16. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    I have realised already that I eat for something to do and because I like eating, as opposed to because I am hungry.
  17. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    I don't miss booze at all now. It's made me realise how empty the calories are.

    90% of this diet is about mental v's physical. After 3 days when you get into ketosis you won't feel physically hungry again as long as your 100% but mentally your brain will play tricks on you making you crave and emotionally you'll want to comfort eat too. But don't. If you give in you do day 1-3 all over again! It is worth staying on track :)

    Current loss: 30lbs and 24inches
  18. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    Well I'm into day 4 now and I actually feel ok!
    I can do this!!
  19. LizzRob

    LizzRob Gold Member

    Well done hun! you've got over the hardest youre in ketosis you wont feel hungry :)
  20. KatS2

    KatS2 Member

    I lost 6lbs!!!!
    Had my second meeting with the consultant yesterday
    Really pleased
  21. Hi I started step 2 yesterday as couldn't do ss for medical reasons. Reading the threads here is helping me get through the first days!

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