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here I go again!!

Hi all,
Thought I would start a diary on here, after reading everyone elses I feel really inspired, this is day 3 for me and so far so good, have been coping with all the water and even took kids to maccies and only had a black tea, so that was a bit of mini goal for me,
Have done this diet before and lost about 19lb that was over 2 years ago, so I know how it works, no headaches yet but quite full of energy, mouth feels a bit yuk so maybe in ketosis, will check in morning,
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morning all,
Day 4, and I'm in ketosis, yay
I'm at work today so I find it so easy as your not allowed to eat in the office just drink, I have already had 1 litre of water, I always have 1 before 9, 1 thoughout the day and then sip on 1 on the evening,
Hope you all have a good day
Yay! Well done, Sarah. My work environment is pretty much the same. We're not allowed to eat at our desks, so we have water, and I am currently having my choc mint breakfast shake too.
Have a good day. You're doing bril. :)
Hi all,

well what a day, on the diet side of things its been very good, I have had 3 shakes and all my water, not having a meal cause im not hungrey,

on the other side of things, i finished work, got in car started to drive and found i had a flat tyre, well, im not good with things like this so i called my ex husband, who, bless did come and change it for me, then had to go and fetch kids so got home later than i wanted too,

I cant believe how easy im finding it this time around, I think my head is in a better place, I understand that im doing this for no one other than me, and also there is no pressure on me as i have only told a few close friends, although had to make up something about why im not having milk in my drinks anymore, lol

anyway will update tomorrow

I've got up this morning and feel a bit sick!!!
hope it passes,
I've got a really busy day ahead, I'm working then my daugter is in a dance show and she has offered me to help, I don't mind but it means I've got to go straight from work so am not going to have a lot of time,
I normally have my last shake at about 6-7pm, so I'm going to have to either have it earlier or when I get back which will be about 10,
end of day 5, haven't had my last shake as I've been helping with my daughters dance show and not long got in, am so tired think I'm just gonna go to bed
hi all, hope everyone is ok,

I have had a very few really busy days, and was doing so well, up until about 10.30 last night,
I went to watch my daughter in her show so on the back she had a kfc, which I resisted, after I had got them all to bed I was so tired, buy not hungry I went in the kitchen and had a bowl of cereal!!!!
can't believe it, I have stuck to this nearly all week and then go and spoil it

normally though for me I would think 'well
might as well carry on now' but I didn't, I drank some water and went to bed ?
just hope I haven't ruined it.

so day 7 - feel better, so far only had 1.5 ltr of water so am now going to have a banana shake mmmmm
keep going, let us know how you get on with weigh in.
have got sooo much ironing to do I don't know where to start, have felt very tired this afternoon, don't know why

I hate Sundays as am in the house all day and have temptations to hand, but back to work tomorrow then weigh in Tuesday,

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ok- weigh in tomorrow, gulp
have had a really good day

2 ltrs water
banana shake
mint choc shake


picked kids up from school and wanted to eat everything!!! why!!!! I'm not hungry, I wasn't board!!!
so was in a bad mood!!

just had a bath and was thinking, just how much I usually eat

this is what I would have ate today

crust end of thick White loaf with butter, while waiting for toast for sons brekkie

bowl of cereal for my breakfast

cup a soup at work
4 cups of tea with milk

kit kat
mars bar (don't even like them)

spaghetti bol with way too much pasta
half pack of cookies with cup of tea

and that was all before 6.30,

no wonder I put so much weight on

will update tomorrow x
don't know what to do,

I get weighed today at 9.30 and normally by tgem have had a ltr of water and a shake,

as with every diet I have ever been on, whether weigh in was morning or night I would not eat or drink a thing, so then I would stuff myself cause of being so hungry after,

might just sip on water until after x
after weigh in, ive downed 1.5 ltrs of water and have been out all day so have had a chicken salad, i say salad, i only ate the lettuce and cucumber, any way feel really good, and am going to zumba later for the first time, just hope it dont kill me!!!!
am in the house all day on my own today, have loads to do so I'm ok so far, had a row with my 11 year old daughter this morning before school, it must be her hormones, she's really nasty at the moment and we both get upset, not a good way to start a day,
but on a good note I've thrown out the quality street from Xmas, yay
ok, day 12- have had a bad 2 days, and I feel really bad with myself, I have felt hungry, so picked on chicken and ham, but then last night I went to zumba again and after went to chip shop for kids and had sone of their chips!!!!! I can't believe it, but it's totm today so think I know why, feel very let down with myself, but will try my best today, promise x
I will not eat anything today only shakes and water will pass my lips!

weigh in on tuesday and so far have not lost any weight!!! even just 2lb will be ok as it is totm
morning all, hope u all had a better weekend than me, have really tried to get back on track and it has worked apart from when the kids have left biscuits and crusts, I'm really hoping it's because it's totm and so do not have full will power

so I weighed myself today and haven't put any on but not lost any either,

official weigh in tomorrow, might drop a pound by tomorrow, let's hope x
morning all, have had an awful week with illness for me and my kids have tried so hard to stick at this but failed ?, I could not get to be weighed last week as was so ill,

being weighed today, don't think I have put any weight back on as although I have ate I have watched my portion sizes and the things I have eaten,

hoping that we all well now and get back on track, I need to do this until April, really want to lose 3 stone

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