Step 1 Sole Source Here i go again ?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet Returners' started by downsizeme!, 2 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. downsizeme!

    downsizeme! Member

    Third and final try at sole source! Find it so hard cooking dinners for the kids and not eating myself but for health reasons I must shift this weight! Any stories from people who are doing well would be great!
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  3. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Hi there!
    U can do it! I wish I could follow my own advice lol, I'm on day 2 and struggling! Cooking dinner for the kids as I speak and it's raining outside and all I want to do is snuggle up on my sofa with the roast that will soon be ready....but I can't, and I'm telling myself they'll be plenty more opportunities for roast dinners and they'll taste a lot better when I'm at a decent weight that I'm happy with lol

    Stay focused and remember why you're doing this

    Lou x
  4. downsizeme!

    downsizeme! Member

    You are so right! Stay strong! It's really hard to stay focused and the last time I found that when I got to day five I didn't bother any more. It was like my brain had retrained itself so I'm going for small goals and aiming for day five first and I'll take it from there!
    Just keep picturing the alumna you! Good luck and keep me posted with your progress!
  5. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Awww defo and keep me posted too!

    That's exactly what I'm going now, aiming for the smaller goals because if I sit down and think to myself that I can't eat solid food for the next 18 weeks my mind just fights against it and says 'I don't bloody think so mate, where's the cake!', small steps turn into a lot of mileage! That's my new motto!

    One day at a time x

  6. downsizeme!

    downsizeme! Member

    Day 2. Have a headache and feel sick. Going to be a long day! Hope you are doing well Lou? X
  7. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Good girl, day 2 yay! Feeling very similar to you right now, tired, lightheaded and with the worst breath like EVER! Lol! Sticking at it though, remember 1 day at a time xx
  8. downsizeme!

    downsizeme! Member

    Well done! Yeah I noticed that your breath gets a bit wiffy on this diet! Lol. Anyway we shall keep going! I'll stick up on toothpaste for the sake if achieving a skinny bum! Haha x
  9. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Lol, yeah that's a thought hahaha maybe I need to pop a toothbrush and paste in my handbag lol

    Well another day soon to be over with ahhhh another step close to skinnyness lol
  10. downsizeme!

    downsizeme! Member

    How are you getting on? :)
  11. loulou526

    loulou526 Silver Member

    Hi! Been a long time eh! Well not getting on very well at all! Been trying to get back into the zone for 2 weeks without success. I think that I need to down to basics and just try and eat a strict, healthy, 3 meals a day low fat plan for now and attempt SS again once I'm feeling a bit more in the right 'mode'...? Will see how it goes....and how about u missy? x
  12. RudaAli

    RudaAli Full Member

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    2nd timer! u r not alone… :)

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