Here we go again...


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Hello all!!!!

Remember me? What do you mean no!, bloody cheek! ;)

Sorry I wasn't around end of the year, it went manic at work. HOPING it'll have calmed down a wee bit so I can start posting on here again :)

So, like a lot of you I'm re-starting tomorrow - and am very determined/motivated etc, but I'm full at the moment, that all goes out the window when I'm hungry, but here's hoping! I really need to do it this time!

I'm going to up my exercise (Fuzz - might even get the Wii out again 'groan'!), I've even ordered a swimming cozzie from Ebay, so will have no excuse not to go swimming, and will pop round to Twig's once a week to go on her running machine and bike - I want to lose 1-1.5 a week which should easily be achieveable, at least for the first couple of months.

I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas and this year will be the best yet!!

Lots of love
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Lovin it !!! :)
Hey !!!

Lovely to see you:)


Hiya Chucks!!
Hiya sharon...
How bloomin luvleeeeeeee to see you back..

Great stuff..good luck with your restart chuck :) xx


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Good luck. I'm restartin tomorrow too x


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Hey shweetness

So lovely to see you back!

Good luck for the restart hun



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lovely to see you back Sha :D good luck for 2010! xxx


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Hi ya Sharron!

I recently joined, so hello and welcome back. My tomorrow has started already! I'm in Oz.



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Hi Sharon

Looks like you and me both back to it in NewYear :) Great to have you back too here's to a skinny 2010 for all of us x


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Good luck hun and great to see you back. OH and I told you it as Darren!! LOL!!