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here we go again!

Right, here we go again! have been doing sw since new year, did really well for 12 weeks, lost 19 lbs, then lost the plot! 3 weeks off and 3lb on, i went back to class! started of well then easter at the weekend and a few martinis and 3 bbqs! was as good as i could have been at those. But today i want to eat everything in sight! I get weighed in the morning after a 12.5 hour night shift, which is not good as get water retension ! any way, i do red days, but wondered if weight loss is as good on ee ? should i give it a go? did do it first week lost 3.5 lbs then did it week 2 put on 0. 5? not sure i was doing the whole 1/3 free foods thing prperly though? heeeelllllppp! getting bored of just red days i think! :sigh:
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Do extra easy! Just keep the 1/3 superfree in mind, if it doesn't look like enough veggies have a side salad/ fried mushies/ grilled tomatoes.

I have lost most of my weight on Extra easy and have found it so simple to do. :) I do the occasional accidental red or green day but most days are EE for me!
I think it's a personal preference which plan you use, I love EE, but occasionally I'll have a red or green day. I find my losses better on EE, but there are plenty who lose equally well on red/green days. If it's something you want to try for a week and see how you do, then go for it, and if it doesn't give you the results you want, you can always switch back.


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Well done on your loss hun. I tend to have a mixture of EE, red & green days over the week, but so far its been working (except week three when i stuffed my face with junk! lol)
As long as its working for you & you're enjoying it then thats what matters. I was worried that on EE i wouldn't lose as much but had more EE days than red last week and lost 3lbs. I think everyone is different. xx
thanks hun. i think i will stick with red most of the time, but throw in a few green and ee days too! your losses are amazing!!!! you must be very good!!! see you have vip tickets to overtones!!! how lucky, they are fab!!! easy on the eye too.xx


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easy on the eye too.
Aren't they just! Can't wait to meet them & get photos!
VIP didn't half cost me though - it was a choice between normal tickets for me AND hubby or VIP for just me. Sorry hubby but you're babysitting! lol Now thats commitment! lol xx


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hope you get to be up close and personal with them.xx
Well i get to meet them before or after the show. I intend on grabbing a hug with.....well all of em if i can wangle it!! lol
ive kinda lost the plot over easter i have scoffed my face 3 takeaways and 2 meals out. so thought tuesday would be new start but today ive caved and ate too many syns on sweet stuff. think its star week time so that isnt helping (i never know when mine is gonna call always been crazy allover) im thinking seriously about getting my lardy butt back to class but with me now working finding time is really hard. dont know why im being all hopeless with it cos ive been great since started only had 1 wobble. need a butt kick methinks xxxx
Another top-tip for red followers is try lots of fish! Fishy weeks work really well, cod, mackerel, salmon, haddock, oh and lots of crab, shrimps, prawns etc.

I had some cracking losses and I adore seafood (even if it isn't the cheapest).
i love seafood thankyou for the tip think i will treat myself to some. love skate wings aswell they are really lovely x

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