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Here we go again !!


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Im trying to get my life in order, ive just given myself a bloody good kick up the back side.
Last Tuesday i went with hubbie to the stop smoking clinic, we have started our champex and D day is Sunday.
I cant affort to gain any more weight i am 3 stone over weight as it is so i have decided that in for a penny in for a pound healthy eating and exercise is the way to go.
I went pole dancing last friday what fantastic fun but by god i have ached ever since but i am going to keep it up. Wednesday night i am off to zumba. I have to be sneeky, i need to exercise without realising i am exercising, i need something fun that encourages me to keep going, running, the gym or swimming dont do that for me.
So this diary will be my thoughts and feelings about getting fit and improving my health, to be honest if i could give up smoking and not gain any weight i will be happy, if i loose weight too that will be a brilliant bonus
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ooo, trying to stop smoking AND lose weight at the same time!!

Good luck hope you get to where you want to be at.


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To be honest... my target for christmas is to be a non smoker and regular exerciser. Once i have that in the bag then i will concentrate more on loosing the weight.
May be spending time planning meals and looking for new recipies, it will take my mind of the old habit :eek: :p
Good luck! It's going to be hard work but you will get there x
I stopped smoking 2 years ago and I was a smoker of 20-30 a day. The way I got past it was to eliminate myself from people smoking around me and the Nicolette patches that I used for 2 months.

Even today I get a slight craving for a cigarette but I tell myself that 1 puff of a cigarette will more than likely put me back on smoking 20 a day and this slight craving that I have now is so much more controllable than it was than when I first attempted to stop.

When I stopped smoking I was eating everything that I could find and seems to be very common that people get the munchies when giving up so stock up with loads of healthy food and throw all of those beautiful tasting chocolate bars in the bin.

I wish you all the best, be strong and focus on your targets.


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well phase one is well and truely underway, im now 17 days smoke free.
Phase two is a bit sparodic, i am exercising but not as regular as i had planned, but i will get there.
Now im not constantly thinking about smoking, i can shift my focus back to slimming world, and a bonus i have more money spare to increse my budget a little ;);)


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Hi blossums,
Over the past 12 months i have tried to give up at least 4 times, all because i should give up not because i want to and all attempts failed.
Then my hubbie and i actually worked out how much we were spending which for both of us was £15 per day. And what we didnt do because we couldnt afford it, how it was affecting our health, what we are loosing by smoking and what we would actually gain by quitting.
we made an appointment with the quit smoking councilor, and decided champix was the way to go for us.
Weather its because we have both been so determined this time or weather its the tablets, it has been easier than anticipated. But its like anything else really you have to have it right in your head first !!;)
I think you are absolutely right about needing to want to do it rather than just feel you should - £15 a day certainly is a good amount to save isn't it!

I don't think I've heard of Champix what is that?

All the best and hope you have a good week :)


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Its a tablet that helps reduce the cravings and also when you take the tablets it really puts you off smoking.
If i walk past some one on the street who is smoking the smell of it makes me feel really sick. you take the tablets for 12 weeks it has been proved that you are 4 /5 times more likely to give up than going cold turkey, and working well for us. Its something well worth considering if you do want to give up x


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Now that i am 1 month smoke free and not thinking about it so much i decided to go back to slimming world last week. and am extatic to say that i lost 3lb.
I am going away this weekend, but i am able to take all food with us, i am determind and my goal for this week is 2lb;)

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