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  1. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    Hello all!

    I'm Nicki and I have previously been both mega successful AND completely unsuccessful at CWP. I think I owed my success to my diary and the massive support I found on here so hoping this is final time lucky.

    Background: in september 2012 I was feeling so fat and frumpy. I was about to turn 30 and really unhappy with my job and my appearance. I decided to book myself a big 30th birthday party and sent the invites out. And that was it. I had 11 weeks to shed a load of weight or forever remember how **** I felt at my big party.

    So I did it. I lost over 3 stone. I did a few SS+ days but the majority was 100% and I was so motivated. When the weight started coming off I felt amazing. The compliments were coming and I was being described as 'Sexy' and 'stunning'. Hell I even inspired other people to do the diet!

    Whilst my 30th was great motivation for losing weight in a way it became my source of failure. Because after the event I didn't follow the steps properly and a year later had gained all my weight back.

    I tried to restart a few times but have failed everytime.

    Why is this time different? I hope it is. I have changed jobs and work in a successful law firm in a job I love. I feel secure in my life. But not with my weight. My beautiful size 12 clothes have sat in my wardrobe for months whilst I am desperately (unsuccessfully) trying to avoid moving into size 18 clothes.

    So here I am. Day 1 nearly over. Starting weight 14 stone. Three shakes down.

    Thank you for reading......I really can't do it without support!
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  3. poko

    poko Full Member

    Hi Nikie!

    It's fantastic you've decided to start this again and I'm sure you'll have great success. I'm on Day 13 and think I would have really struggled to get this far without the support and encouragement you get from these forums. It's so nice to know you're not alone!

    Keep checking in!
  4. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    Hi Poko! I can't wait to be on day 13! I feels like it goes slowly but I remember last time, after 11 weeks thinking how quick it had gone! I imagine I'll be on here loads for support and looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  5. poko

    poko Full Member

    It has gone quickly overall but the days sometimes drag!

    Did you do 11 weeks of SS!? That's very admirable! I'm hoping only a couple more weeks then I can start moving my way up the steps. I'll just need to wait and see what my consultant thinks on the matter!
  6. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    I think I did 8 weeks SS and then introduced a few bits of protein. Day 2!! I'm drinking loads of water and green tea !

    At work so will write more later. X
  7. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    hi nikie, good luck with your diet - i am sure you will do great, you seem extremely determined.

    i am on day 22 - its not been easy but i am really determined too = we can do this!!!
  8. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Hi Nickie, I just started, again, last Friday and so far so good!! You've done it once you can do it again!! I'm the same about support, I can't do it without hearing/reading about other peoples successes. We'll help each other. Good luck xx
  9. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    Hi Katsparkle and Amanda! Very pleased to have you reading my diary and helping me! Day 2 nearly over and we all know that the worst is still to come......!!! The times I have tried to 'restart' I have always failed before completing 2 days so hopefully this is a more positive sign of times to come!

    I've been doing that thing where I try and work out how much I could 'potentially' lose in the next three months. It's probably bad that I have done it before and have a previous diary as I know I am going to compare results :/

    My boyfriend is doing it with me and its great to have his support. We did it together before actually! Then we broke up and both gained a lot of it we are working on our relationship again and our weight! We actually have a relationship counselling session tonight so that will distract us from the diet a bit! We normally go for food/drink after but tonight we'll be coming straight home.

    I feel really impatient for the results girls.....I was like this before. I know I won't realistically notice a difference until I've lost a couple of stone...thats two months away! I'm hoping for some good losses to motivate me! I know when my clothes start feeling looser I'll be even more determined!
  10. poko

    poko Full Member

    I'm impatient too! I think "I've stuck to this 100% today I must've dropped a dress size!"

    If only! We'll see the results one day. Just not this very second unfortunately!
  11. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    I lost 26lbs in 3 weeks if that spurs you on at all. I worked out at 5lbs a week until September I will lost 125 lbs which is like 8 stone (that's on top of the 26 I've already lost)
  12. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    I'm the same, I want the results now, not next week/month!! I'm finding it easier this time around, so far, although I'm struggling to swallow with an ear and throat infection. I'm feeling sorry for myself and trying to give myself an excuse to eat but I will resist!! It will all be worth it in the end, she says desperately!! Ha!! I've got about 6-7st to lose to get to a healthy BMI but I've broke it down to 3st first as it seems much more do-able. Good luck, we'll push each other along xx
  13. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    same amanda i am over half way to my first mini goal, which is 3 and a half stone - which will take to me to 18 stone. then my next goal is 16 stone, i will be so happy when i get to sixteen stone, which seems like a crazy weight to be happy with but its got to be better than the 21 and ahalf stone i started with. i know if i dont stay determined and focussed I will only end up at 23 then 24 then 25 stone, I have a friend who is 28 stone and she cant even walk into town. I just dont want to be that person. my ultimate goal is to be under 10 stone.
  14. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Hey Katsparkle, I know what you mean. At my heaviest I was 19st 5lbs and at 5ft 1" I was as wide as I was tall!! I got a gastric band fitted in July 08 and lost almost 6st, I was 13st 6lbs and felt fabulous even though I was still overweight for my height!! Then I got pregnant and the band has been the worst thing ever, I've actually put on weight as it's soo fickle and struggle to eat good food and end up eating crap. I was 16st 3 or 6 when I started last Friday, weigh in day tomorrow so fingers crossed for a good loss. I'm not big on the whole BMI thing, I'm going for where I feel comfortable and happy and right now that's 3st off, hopefully!! xx
  15. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    wow amanda that sounds like a bit of a nightmare. the reason i am on the cambridge is because my mum came and stayed and offered to pay for me to get a band fitted, (which i found pretty insulting) but i said im not having surgery and told her about this diet and said if she wanted to pay for me to do it then she could pay for this. i dont know what weight i will be most comfortable but i know its not this. good luck on your weight loss i am sure you will do great! and 3 stone is a manageable amount, i think i will have lost that in another 3 weeks. (I am almost at 2 at the moment)
  16. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    Hi ladies. I'm off work sick today - not related to CWP I hasten to add, my colleagues have been off with this bug and it seems I've picked it up now :/

    On the plus side it should help me loose a few extra pounds!

    I have been trying to have my shakes today though as I know I need the nutrients in them. Haven't had nearly enough water though so need to up that.

    Wow Katsparkle and Amanda - it's so inspiring to hear your stories. And you are really motivational - its a pleasure to have you helping me on my journey. In a few days/weeks I hope to be inspiring some newbies! xx
  17. poko

    poko Full Member

    I hope you feel better soon! A tummy bug always helps weight loss though! Haha and you're doing better than me managing your shakes despite being ill. It all depends how ill I am but generally I send my boyfriend out for sugar and carbs to eat myself better so I'm very impressed with you!! :)
  18. Nikie

    Nikie Silver Member

    Thanks Poko! I am having a black coffee now as I have a massive headache and not sure if its related to bug or CWP? I'm on day 3......still got one more shake to go. Its hard forcing it down! I've actually just been in our kitchen and chucked away some food that we won't eat (not loads obviously, just some bread and veggies!) so I actually CAN'T cheat 'that' easily!

    Still very motivated - spent a couple of hours reading my previous diary and honestly, I was so dedictated to this diet before! And I will be again ;)
  19. poko

    poko Full Member

    It's nice that you can go back and refresh your memory on your last Cambridge journey and can relive the amazing results you got last time! That can only make you more motivated.

    I've got no food in my house apart from the creme eggs in my cupboard (untouched!!) If I were you I'd have ate the bread before I started the diet. The last meal I had before starting was a Dominos pizza! Haha I thought I might as well go all out!
  20. katsparkle

    katsparkle Full Member

    mine was a kfc lol, and what did the gits go and do? a week after i started they released those sweet chilli pot things, my god i want one lol
  21. amanda1978

    amanda1978 Full Member

    Well folks, I had my first weigh in today and I'm 9lbs down!!! Yippee!! Super pleased that I stuck it out between step 2 and ss+. Fingers crossed for a good loss in 2wks time, my cdc is away for 2 weeks as she's getting married tomorrow. Hope you're all doing ok tonight xx
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