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here we go

After cleaning out the fridge/cupboard of all traces of festive food I am ready to start SW again.

I will be following the diet without going to classes but will have my OH supporting me all the way.

I checked back into minimins last night and saw the C25K thread, I am downloading the podcasts and as soon as it stops being treacherous with ice on the footpaths, I will be pounding them. In the meantime I have Natalie Cassidy and Davina to keep me moving.

Start weight 15.1 1/2
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Red day
Brunch - bacon,sausages, potato scone
Dinner - baked potato with chilli
Snacks - orange, slice of malt bread
Drinks - coffee with milk
Exercise - natalie cassidy exercise dvd
Red day
Brunch - apple, orange, banana with yoghurt(HEA)
Dinner - roast chicken, and vegetables and potatoes ( HEB)
Drinnks - Coffee and tea with milk (HEA)
Snacks - Chocolate pudding
Exercise - NIL
Red/Green day
Breakfast - oats so simple ( raspberry ) 7 syns
Lunch - carrot and chilli soup, orange, banana
Dinner - Chicken, peppers and noodles
Drinks - coffee and tea with milk (HEA)
Exercise - Rosemary Connelly/Coleen Nolan DVD
green day
breakfast - orange, apple and banana with yoghurt (HEA)
lunch - macaroni and cheese (HEA)
dinner - pasta, onion, tomato and bacon (HEB)
drinks - coffee with milk (HEA)
exercise - aerobics OZ style belly dance
Green day
Breakfast - orange and banana
Lunch - Stovies, corned beef (HEB) hash and poatoes
Dinner - 2 slices of toast (HEB)
Snacks - crackers and cheese
Drinks - 2 glasses of wine,
Exercise - Davina 30 minute workout


Not such a fat kat now :)
S: 19st1.5lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st10.5lb(30.09%)
welcome back to SW. Its good to have a supportive OH, they are very useful.
Can I just point out though, to keep you on the right track and not be judgemental. Im presuming you are either synning the meat you have on green days that youve not stated are HEB or are planning an Extra easy day. Its the corned beef that youve said is a HEB on one of your meals. Corned beef isnt free or HEB any longer, it is now synned. ' 100g corned beef lean is 2.0 syns on red day and 9.5 syns on a green. 100g standard corned beef is 3.5 syns on a red day and 11.0 on a green.'
I just dont want you to have difficulties long term when you think youre on plan.

Good luck
hi kat
thanks, any advice is really useful as I don't attend classes, have have read other posts who say there have been some slight changes this year in the HEA/HEBs.
Although I make sweeping statements in my posts I am not so good when it comes to measuring/weighing and keeping a diary.
My OH is very supportive but has a mental block when it comes to "meat and vegetables" days or "carbohydrates and vegetables" days and always seems to cook spag bol, stovies or chilli and rice, on his days to cook.
lol men!!!


Not such a fat kat now :)
S: 19st1.5lb C: 13st5lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 5st10.5lb(30.09%)
Youre welcome. It sounds like extra easy may be better for you on the days your OH cooks. At least then you can eat spaghetti and the sauce without weighing. Have a look on the website and in the magazine there are some good menus for it and lots of people have lost loads of weight. Im still getting my head around it though
thanks for your advice again, I have thought about doing EE but like you I struggle to get my head around it. At least if I am doing red or green I can work it out in my head. lol. I will defo have a look on the site and in the magazines and see if there is an easy way to work it out.
You have done really well with your loss so far - keep it up, there are some really great motivational stories on this board.
oh no - my weigh in was supposed to be today, however the batteries in my scales are flat, so no weigh in for me until next week. I am kind of glad as I have been off plan most of the week with one thing and another (mostly due to lack of planning and the pressures of a new job) bring on tomorrow for a fresh start and on my way to my goal for valentines day.

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